Discovering the 6 Causes of Heart Attacks


The four chambered heart in human beings is a complex pumping device where purified blood from the pulmonary veins coming from the lungs is supplied to the rest of the body and carbonated blood from the pulmonary artery is pumped for purification and oxygenation to the lungs. This small piece of organ is as vital as the human brain itself and though we fancy our brains for most of the chores executed daily in our lives it is the heart, which at the foundation of the human organs, governs the vital activities of all the other organs in the body including the brain. Once the heart stops pumping then all the vital signs of life cease to exist. It is for this reason that the heart occupies the very helm of all the organs structured inside a mammal and other life forms.

Myocardium Infraction or coronary thrombosis as it is popularly called in the medical terminology is known as a heart attack for the layman. A heart attack is one of the most acute problems that the human body can suffer from as heart disease in one of America’s greatest killers.

Scientific researchers have revealed that the prime cause of heart arrest is due to blockage in the coronary artery via cholesterol; while some of the others view it in the light of the genetic inheritance of the human chromosome. Whatever the reasons may be, impromptu medical attention is required for the patient suffering from a heart attack.

Even as the scientific researchers identify the minor and major degrees of heart attacks, prevention is always at the forefront of heart health.

The following is a list of some of the known and unknown causes of cardiac arrest:

Smoking is indeed perceived as the most common cause for lung cancer but did you know it is also a major cause for cardiac arrest? Smoking causes artery stiffness by acute deposition of carbon into them, thus elevating the CLD levels in the body which is the root cause of heart attacks.

Hypertension: – Hyper tension is one of the most common problems of the contemporary world and is a result of eminent anxiety caused by excessive work loads or concern. The arteries tend to dilate thus profusion of cholesterol increases, thereby increasing the chances of heart attacks.

Sex oriented medicines: – Recently large numbers of cases were reported for cardiac arrest with the introduction of Viagra. Acting as a stimulant for the body, the medicine is said to have aroused sudden increases in blood supply to all the major muscles which unfortunately caused the unnatural break down of already clogged arteries and veins damaging the vital network of the heart.

Aggression: – It is believed that too much aggression can also play a significant role in causing heart attacks.

Diet: – While it is very much emphasized to maintain a balanced diet rich in fibers and vitamins, the advice goes unheeded by the majority of us. Junk food is the major concern as the majority of food we eat comes fried or is associated with preservatives which when mixed with the blood becomes the major cause of concern for our metabolism and heart which is constantly pumping impure abnormal viscous blood. 

Fried food: – Most of us appreciate deep fried chicken or French fries from time to time. Well, for the record each time we consume such delicacies, we are injecting mammoth proportions of cholesterol into our body and heart. Although the food may tantalize your taste buds, it is also a sweet poison that will gradually make your heart weak resulting in Myocardium Infraction.   

Living a healthier lifestyle can greatly improve your chances of living longer and happier. Even though we tend to live at a rapid pace with a daily routine of work, family, friends and more, you must always take the time to treat your body right by slowing things down for a minute. Eat right if not always, then at least every once in awhile. Exercise and maintain a stable state of mind to help alleviate stress. Follow a few simple rules to create better heart health. For more on living a healthier life, visit our “Health” section.