Discover Why Are Omega3 Oils Effective For Your Health

Why are omega3 oils effective for your health? The reason lies in the fats that they contain within them and also which type of omega 3 you are using. Although all sources of omega 3 will benefit you, it appears from all the research carried out that it is the one from fish oil that has the most benefits for your health. So, why are omega3 oils effective?

Well the omega 3 in fish oil contains 2 fats which are DHA and EPA. These fats help your health in many areas. One of the more commonly known areas is your heart, so much so that even the American Heart Association recommend eating at least 2 portions of oily fish per week to boost heart health. The way they help the heart is by first reducing the amount of plaque that there is present in the blood, this reduces the risks of clots forming. Also the fats help keep triglyceride levels down and also helps to keep blood pressure under control.

Another way they are effective is in keeping inflammation down. A vast majority of people associate inflammation with conditions such as joint pain or arthritis, and while that is true it is also behind some deadly conditions such as fatal heart attacks where there have been no prior warning signs, strokes and aneurisms. In fact some researchers are now saying that conditions that have been attributed to high cholesterol levels are in fact caused by inflammation.

The way the oils help fight inflammation is through creating nitric oxide in the body. It is the DHA fat that does this through a chemical reaction and scientists have observed that when this takes place the inflammation levels drop.

Another way these oils are effective is in the way they help prevent your mind going blunt as you get older. The reason behind this is that your brain contains DHA fat in the tissues that make it up (about a quarter of the tissue is DHA). We need to keep topping this supply up otherwise the body will replace it with a different type of fat, and if it does that is when problems can start. For instance not only can it leave you with a bad memory and poor concentration, but it can also cause you to suffer depression, have mood swings and even be behind more serious mental health issues.

So if you were wondering "are omega3 oils effective?" then I hope this has answered the question for you, however this is just the tip of the iceberg. The 2 fats found in the oil can help your health in so many other ways such as helping to improve skin complaints, relieving bowel conditions and also preventing off certain cancers to name but a few.