Discover What Causes Inflammation

Ever wondered what causes inflammation? Well, there are really two answers to this.

The first and most simple answer is that inflammation is caused by when we injure our body, resulting in swelling, redness and soreness. This is our body’ defence mechanisms at work and is often visible after surgery.

The second answer to what causes inflammation is that our diets mainly consist of way too much omega 6s and way too few omega 3s.

Excessive Omega 6 Fats

The processed and junky food that we are so partial to doesn’t just affect our weight; it has silent consequences too. They are rich in omega 6s which can result in arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, gout and heart conditions.

Inflammation is one of the conditions which hasn’t got better the more we have advanced as a species. We used to better off because we ate a lot of pure and unpolluted fish which were naturally rich in omega 3.

It’s harder to do this in today’s world because our waters are so polluted, contaminating our fish with harmful substances like mercury, lead and PCBs which can in turn harm us when we eat them.

So here we are really our own executioner. Inflammation is caused when we have too much omega 6 and too few omega 3, and yet that is what most of our diet’s consist of.

There is meant to be more omega 6, but just not as much as we have now. That is why it’s essential that we begin to supplement our diet with omega 3s in order to remain healthy.

How do we do this? Well, there is a process called molecular distillation which removes many kinds of harmful contaminants from fish oil.

This can only be performed on supplements, not fish on our dinner plate. Thus to get the goodness of fish but in a safe manner we must use an omega 3 fish oil supplement.

Now you know what causes inflammation. Your next step? Find a supplement to balance your internal ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 in order to substantially benefit your health.