Discover What Causes Breathing Pain in Your Chest

Do you have experiences in breathing pain in your chest? It is not always related to the heart. There are still other reasons for chest pain that are not cardiological though it is the same with heart attack. Some of the symptoms heart diseases are acute chest pain and fullness in the chest but this does not affect breathing.

Here are some of the problems that cause pain in the chest.

Broken ribs – this is very common cause of pain in breathing especially when you cough. If you had an accident and you had chest trauma, you might have a fractured ribs. When you press your chest or when you force yourself to carry heaving things, you will have a breathing pain.

Pleurisy – this is the inflammation of cavity lining that surrounds the lungs. This is also called "Pleuritis." One of the main symptoms of pleurisy is acute pain in the chest when coughing and breathing. There are also other symptoms like dry cough, chills and fever, and shortness of breathing. Viral infection is the common cause of pleurisy. Other ailments can also cause this problem. Some of the ailments are autoimmune diseases and pneumonia. There are treatments provided for these kinds of diseases.

Pneumonia – do you know that sharp pain in the chest when you cough or breathe deeply is one of its symptoms? Yes, it is. Antibiotics are one of treatments of pneumonia. Among its other symptoms are sweating, shacking chills, muscle pain, high fever, and shortness of breath. Once a person is infected with pneumonia, this should be taken seriously because it can threaten life. If anyone from your family who experiences pneumonia, call your doctor immediately.

Any disease or illness you have or your family, do not ignore it like you always do. Life is very precious to waste it and take it for granted.