Discover These Ten Famous Insomniacs and Their Search For a Good Nights Sleep

This article highlights a wide variety of famous insomniacs describing the remedies they prescribed themselves with the aim of guaranteeing some shut eye. Also given are practical lifestyle tips and hints to help in your quest to getting a good nights sleep.


Dietrich said that the only thing that lulled her to sleep was a sardine-and-onion sandwich on rye.

2. AMY LOWELL, poet

Whenever she stayed in a hotel, Lowell would hire five rooms – one to sleep in, and empty rooms above, below, and on either side, in order to guarantee quiet.

3. W.C. FIELDS, actor

The aging Fields resorted to unusual methods to go to sleep. He would stretch out in a barber’s chair (he had always enjoyed getting haircuts) with towels wrapped around him, until he felt drowsy. Sometimes he could only get to sleep by stretching out on his pool table. On his worst nights, he could only fall asleep under a beach umbrella being sprinkled by a garden hose. He told a friend that `somehow a moratorium is declared on all my troubles when it is raining’.


Dumas suffered from terrible insomnia, and after trying many remedies, he was advised by a famous doctor to get out of bed when he couldn’t sleep. He began to take late-night strolls, and eventually started to sleep through the night.

5. JUDY GARLAND, actress

As a teenager, Garland was prescribed amphetamines to control her weight. As the years went by she took so many that she sometimes stayed up three or four days running. She added sleeping pills to her regime, and her insomnia and addiction increased. She eventually died of a drug overdose.


Bankhead suffered from severe insomnia. She hired young homosexual `caddies’ to keep her company, and one of their most important duties was to hold her hand until she drifted off to sleep.

7. FRANZ KAFKA, author

Kafka, miserable with insomnia, kept a diary detailing his suffering. For October 2, 1911, he wrote, `Sleepless night. The third in a row. I fall asleep soundly, but after an hour I wake up, as though I had laid my head in the wrong hole.’


His insomnia cure was a shot of cognac in a glass of milk.

9. GROUCHO MARX, comic actor

Marx first began to have insomnia when the stock market crashed in 1929 and he lost $240,000 in 48 hours. When he couldn’t sleep, he would phone people up in the middle of the night and insult them.

10. MARK TWAIN, author An irritable insomniac, Twain once threw a pillow at the window of his bedroom while he was a guest in a friend’s house. When the satisfying crash let in what he thought was fresh air, he fell asleep at last. In the morning he discovered that he had broken a glass-enclosed bookcase.

Now I certainly don’t recommend stretching out on a pool table all night, renting 4 additional rooms or phone people up in the middle of the night to insult, but as you can now appreciate you are not alone in your quest to cure your insomnia as even the famous will do almost anything to guarantee a good nights sleep. However given below are a few practical lifestyle tips you can start to adapt in you daily routine starting from today to get you on the right path to achieving a good nights sleep.

Tips and Hints to get a Good Nights Sleep

o Try to reduce your caffeine intake as your bedtime approaches. A cup of coffee, tea or even cola are stimulants and can stay in your body for up to 8 hours, therefore reducing the likelihood of a decent nights sleep.

o Another stimulant is smoking and this habit too can also disrupt sleep. Therefore try to reduce or eliminate tobacco during the latter part of the day.

o Also be aware of cold and allergy prescriptions and over the counter medication. These have been shown to interrupt a good nights sleep..

o Make sure you retire to bed at night and rise in the mornings at the same time. It is a proven fact that irregular sleep routines upset your inbuilt body clock thus resulting in surface rather than deep, refreshing healthy sleep.

o Get into the habit of participating in regular exercise for 20-30 minutes each day. Any activity that you are comfortable with and enjoy; a gym work out, a swim, even a brisk walk would be ideal. Taking regular exercise has been shown to lift anxiety and help one unwind.