Discover the Secret Weight Loss Goal Setting Strategy For Maximum Fat Loss

Setting weight loss goals is an important, and often missed step in losing weight. Goals keep you motivated and focused. Your goals give you a map to success, and when you learn how to set them the right way, nothing will stop you from getting the results you want. Most people fail at weight loss because they set goals that are unattainable and unrealistic. Goals that focus on physical things like, "fit into my jeans from high school" or, "losing my gut and love handles" are bad because they can be very hard, if not impossible to meet. If you set goals that you can not achieve, you will probably quit and give up.

So what is the secret to setting and keeping healthy weight loss goals? The key is to set small goals for yourself that build up to a healthy lifestyle. Start out by setting a goal like walking 10 minutes every day for a week. Once you achieve it, set another goal for eating an apple every day for a week etc. Slowly build your small goals up until you have lost all the weight you want.

Start by setting one weight loss goal today for week. If you are really out of shape, start by walking 10 minutes around your neighborhood and do it every day for a week. After you complete this goal, set another one but make sure your goal is a little more challenging. Try jogging a little during your daily walk every day. Keep expanding your goals like this, and you will easy achieve your weight loss goals.