Discover the Different Types of Phobias Today

There are many different types of phobias today. A phobia is a type of fear that is considered to be either excessive, or irrational in basis. In many cases, a phobia includes both an excessive and an irrational fear.

Individuals who suffer from these fears may or may not know and understand that their fear is irrational. However, if one does recognize their fear as irrational, it is still difficult to overcome it as it feels and seems very real.

The body experiences a high level of stress regarding the cause of the fear, and results in physiological and psychological responses of the body preparing itself for danger. Here, you will discover the different types of phobias today, as well as symptoms that are associated with these fears.

Common Phobias

While there are literally hundreds of different types of phobias experienced today, there are a few that are more common than others. These include phobias that are social, phobias that are considered to be specific, as well as phobia that are special or related to specific spaces and the excess or limitations of those spaces.

Individuals who suffer from these common phobia types experience not only a fear that is directly related to these phobias, but also a number of uncomfortable symptoms that can cause physiological and psychological stress on the body.

1.Social Phobia – This type of phobia is actually a type of anxiety that exists when social experiences and situations are encountered. These social situations can be as simple as those that are encountered on a daily basis. Individuals who experience this find that they are scared of others watching and passing judgments on them.

These individuals are also worried when it comes to dealing with embarrassment in public situations. Many may be fearful of to speaking in front of others, or doing other things in front of others, such as eating.

2.Specific Phobia – A specific phobia involves being fearful of a particular situation or thing. When an individual suffers from this, they tend to avoid the item or area that they have a fear of. An example of this type of phobia includes that of Arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders.

3.Spatial Phobia – A spatial phobia involves a particular area of the amount of space present. This may include a fear of closed in spaces, a fear of open spaces, and even a fear of heights.

Common Phobia Symptoms

When an individual suffers from a phobia, there are many different types of symptoms that are prevalent when he or she comes into close contact with the source. One may constantly fear coming into contact with the source of his or her phobia at any time. Listed below are some common symptoms that may occur when an individual suffers from phobias:

1.One may feel mild to severe levels of dizziness.

2.It is common to feel a certain amount of nausea, and even experience vomiting.

3.Individuals with specific phobias may experience a feeling of “unreality”.

4.It is common to experience complications in breathing.

5.It is not uncommon to have an extreme level of fear.

There are many different types of phobias today. The most common forms are social, specific, and spatial. While phobias are basically an irrational fear of something, most individuals with the fear understand that there is no reason to have the fear. Unfortunately, the fear that is experienced by one seems very real. Symptoms that resemble that of panic are quite common when an individual experiences phobias.