Disabled Friendly Features in Buildings

Most homes and public buildings today are not well equipped with disabled friendly features. By disabled friendly features, we are referring to equipments or devices that will help ease the mobility of the senior citizens or people with disability. Most of these devices provide lifting or movements across barriers such as slopes or steep staircases. For example, if your member who is disabled and on the wheelchair, they will definitely need a wheelchair ramp if they want to get up a flight of stairs. In the absence of a slope, equipments such as stairlifts can be useful.

To use a stairlift, the disabled user needs to alight from the wheelchair and be secured on the chair of the stairlift. It is advisable to have a trained assistant to operate the stairlift. Most public stairlifts are equipped with a button to call out to the security guards of the building who will arrive to help operate the stairlift. If the family member who is the caregiver has been trained before in using stairlift, they can also operate it themselves. Commercial stairlifts are available in the public buildings such as shopping centers and they do not cost a lot. It is a small price to pay to spruce up the image of the shopping mall as disabled-friendly. However, stairlifts may not be so affordable for common homes because of its high cost. After a few years, there is also the issue of maintenance to consider. If you are using stairlift for only a short while, then we suggest you to rent one. But if you are going to need the stairlift for permanent installation, it is better to wait for Stairlifts for Sale where prices can drop to a more acceptable level.

To buy stairlifts, you can approach any local dealers where you will be able to view a wide range of other assistive mobility equipments. They include the platform stairlifts, chairlifts, wheelchair elevators, new and used mobility scooters for sale. Most buyers will test the devices on-site before deciding whether to purchase them. Comfort and price are the top factors for consideration, if the buyer spends enough time researching and looking around, you can definitely get something of a value for money.