Dirty Dancing Costume – The Perfect Couple’s Costume For 80s Fancy Dress!

As far as 80s dance movies go, Dirty Dancing would be my absolute favourite. Actually, even as far as 80s movies in general go, this would still be in my top 5.

Who didn’t love that raw chemistry and anticipation of a teenage crush on an older, sexy guy? It will be interesting to see how we come up with costume ideas for a movie made in the 80s, about an era in the 60s.

This would actually be a good “couple’s costume” with the two of you dressing up as Johnny and Baby. No doubt if you go to a fancy dress party as a couple, people will get who you are trying to portray more quickly, than if you were to dress as just one of the characters.

Baby and Johnny: How you do you call your lover boy?


– Black singlet, also known as a wife beater or trucker’s singlet. In Oz, you would probably use the Bonds brand.

– Black Dress Pants: The nicer the cut and higher the waist, the better.

– Black Dress Shoes.

Baby Frances Houseman:

– White long sleeve top, rolled up above the arms, and tied in front of the mid riff. You should be able to get away with a men’s white long sleeve business shirt.

– Fitted denim shorts, rolled up above the knees. Hot tip: Buy a pair of fitted jeans. Cut them above the knee, and roll up. You can get these cheap at the local charity clothing store, and to make it even more authentic, they will have the older, high waisted jeans, too.

– White sand shoes.

Johnny and Baby: The Final Dance Scene from Dirty Dancing.


– Black dress shirt, unbuttoned down to the chest and rolled short sleeves. (Bonus points if it’s fitted)

– Black shiny belt

– Black dress shoes

– Black leather jacket, if it’s cold


– Light pink dress. Ideally with a sleeveless top part, and full swishy skirt, just below the knee.

– Silver, strappy heels