Digestive Wellness – The Ultimate Health Article!

What is the foundation of a tree? The roots right? Well in the same way you can kill a tree by killing the roots, you can kill a human by going straight to the digestive system; the digestive system is the mother of all systems. There are 11 systems in total and the other 10 all relate back to what’s going on with your digestion! Now that we’ve established our focus here, lets break it down…

* The modern food habits of the masses

Firstly I don’t mean to scare anyone here, or maybe I do, but only to get you to act. We are currently in the rise of a powerful epidemic with 85% of men and women destined for obesity by 2022 and the most common cause of death is heart disease and cancer.

What does obesity, heart disease and cancer all have in common? They are SYMPTOMS of poor health and specifically a polluted or poisoned digestive tract. To break that down even further, rotting matter, fermentation, dysbiosis and clogged villi. Whichever angle you at it from these origins all create an acidic blood stream. The blood is considered as the river of health OR sickness, and it all depends what you put into to it from upstream! We are continuously polluting our bodies with ‘non food’ items, most of which I’m sure most people believe to be actual food.

Which foods from this list are you eating every day? Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, commercially grown meat (grain and corn fed), stimulants, artificial sweeteners, cooked or processed matter?

Furthermore, have you taken antibiotics, paracetamol (or any other ‘pain killer’), drunk tap water in fluoridated communities or taken any pharmaceutical drug?

If you’ve answered yes to at least one or more of these things then my suggestion is that you make some drastic changes!

The above listed are all acid forming in your blood stream and you are currently making that red river, a river of sickness. What is the first thing that happens when you have an acidic blood stream and what are some ways of improving the situation?

Your blood does everything it can to keep in the range of neutral when it comes to acidity and alkalinity. This is approximately 7.36 on the scale. Though when we force our blood into acidity, what’s the first thing that gets attacked? Our bones! Our bones are the most alkaline part to our body so alkaline forming minerals get stolen from our bones causing the bones to become weak, brittle and in severe cases like fibromyalgia the bones actually become painful!

How do we stop this from happening?

* Your new diet

First of all, when I say ‘diet’, I do not for one minute believe one should go on a diet as this is something in the industry that I spit on! Diets are a title so that the lazy can go ON one or go OFF one. Don’t become a statistic of the FAD! I do not prescribe diets and I am not a nutritionist. I am a health coach who has studied and been absorbed with health research and practises my entire life. I know what’s good for the human digestive system and what is not. You can sit there in your nutrition class and tell me it’s the fat consumption and I’ll tell you it’s the sugar. There are the people who have done some research and had no experience, there are people who have done a bit of both and there are the wise who are extensively well read and actually been a practitioner at the same time. The latter is the origin of advice you should listen to.

Fill your diet with at least 51% uncooked, plant based matter. Please, I cannot stress stress enough the words ‘at least’. 51% minimum. On top of that if your food is organically grown then that’s even better. The amount of journal articles I’ve read on the benefits of organic food are extensive. The need for chemicals to be sprayed on plants are not applicable what so ever. Plants have protective mechanisms called antioxidants which protect them from bugs. However! The plants will get eaten if they are in a mono environment. That is an environment which doesn’t allow all of nature to reside in that immediate community. Mass produced corn is a great example. Corn is the only thing seen for miles, of course it needs to be sprayed! It’s got no protection!

Decrease or eradicate sugar, wheat, foods with soy, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Drink non fluoridated, non chlorinated water and when you do eat meat (yes I believe in flesh), make sure it is properly raised, organic, free range, fed properly, no chemical intervention what so ever. How do I make sure of that? Get off your bottom and go and meet your farmer, you’ll learn something!

* Supplementation

Probiotics, why do we need them? There is 100 times more bacterial DNA than human DNA in your body. If you believe that your DNA is what makes you YOU, think again. The health of the bacteria in our body is one of the most vital elements of health. Our gut is loosely coined as the term ‘the second brain’ for two major reasons. 1. The bacterial DNA that resides there dictating to the rest of the body what’s about to happen next. This wad of bacterial DNA is called the micro biome, almost considered to be an organ itself. 2. There are more neurotransmitters created in the gut than in the brain. This further proves the need for endocrinologists and digestive professionals to work together as these systems are so heavily intertwined like lifelong friends from birth until death.

The difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic: Easy to remember, a probiotic is a supplement which is pro formed healthy bacteria usually from two families; lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. These guys come and and set up a better nutritional profile in your small and large intestine, improving the function of your other systems like the endocrine system that creates more balanced hormones through the healthy cholesterol that the bacteria has produced. (Probiotics are a healthy alternative to statins) The parasympathetic nervous system also benefits because healthy bacteria assist in peristalsis which is the contraction of smooth muscles like your oesophagus. Peristalsis is very magnesium depleting though having enough healthy bacteria in your body slows magnesium depletion. These are just SOME of the benefits of probiotic supplementation.

Prebiotics: These are the non digestible elements of real whole food and plant based supplements that stimulate bacterial growth. It is my opinion that we combine prebiotics and probiotics because then we have two pathways for healthy bacterial growth.

Mechanical digestion – chewing the food well increases surface area which then means we absorb more nutrients

Chemical digestion – enzymes, hormones, hydrochloric acid, bile etc.

Enzymes, why do we need them? There are two main types of enzymes needed to digest your food. Pancreatic (animal) enzymes and plant based enzymes. Don’t take me too literally here though, our body is responsible for about 50% of the enzymes needed to break down our food, these are the pancreatic enzymes. The other 50% comes from food. Here’s the thing though… If your food is cooked to temperatures of 47.7 degrees or above your plant based enzymes are 100% dead. By the same token, all packaged, processed food also has no enzymes. This is of course unless you’re taking a supplement range like YOR health which has NDS. The patented nutritional delivery system, packed full of enzymes! Enzymes switch our food on, making it recognisable to the body and absorbable into the blood stream. One of the big reasons we need to supplement with probiotics is because we need to supplement with enzymes. There is a synergy there! If enzymes are not assisting us in breaking down and assimilating our food then the food in our gut starts to ferment (go off!) and the need for probiotics presents itself again to clean the villi.

What if I just eat whole food and don’t cook it? Our food has the lowest amount of nutritional value ever in the history of plants unless, as I said you go to organic farms or eat wild plants. Then there’s cold storage. Even the most organic of apples loses 50% of its enzymes 30mins after its been picked, so you can imagine how much enzyme depletion there is after 10 months of cold storage!

In summing up: For a healthy digestive system and long energetic life, lived to its full potential; my recommendation is to eat plants from the richest of soil, eat ethically grown, free range flesh and to supplement with the worlds highest quality digestion products.