Digestive Problems Can Lead to Bad Breath

A common enemy in the fight against bad breath is your very own stomach.

The stomach, as you know, is a storage and processing zone for food. Along with food, the stomach contains many different kinds of bacteria and enzymes. Many of these bacteria help in the process of digestion; however, some of the bacteria that stay in the stomach can be the cause of foul breath.

Here are some sources of bad breath stomach bacteria:

*Common Stomach Ulcers and Duodenum Ulcers – These ulcers have been known produce the foul breath causing bacteria – Helicobacter Pylori.

*Skipping A Meal – Remember the last time that you skipped lunch because you’re too busy or “couldn’t find the time.” Later in the afternoon you might have experienced bad breath. An imbalance in your normal digestion routine can cause the stomach to react by sending acids and other elements from the stomach to the throat – hence causing foul breath.

Any digestive problem can also lead to bad breath. It is important to know what these are and how to avoid them or keep them under control. Here are some common digestive problems that lead to foul breath:

*Eating Hard to Digest Foods like Red Meat or Dairy Products – The body has a hard time digesting foods like red meat and dairy. Digesting these foods requires more time and more acid from the stomach. Sometimes overworking your digestive system in this way will produce too much acid and cause bad breath stomach acid.

*Constipation – Constipation is caused by a number of things, including: a low fiber diet, improper hydration, a lack of exercise, and even not going to the bathroom when you know you need to.

*Heartburn – Heartburn is caused by acid from the stomach flowing up into the throat. It is commonly triggered by caffeine from coffee or caffeinated soft drinks.

*Nausea – If you’re feeling sick to your stomach – this can be a source of your bad breath stomach bacteria. Nausea is often the body telling you that it doesn’t like something you’ve recently eaten. Some foods are not accepted by our digestive system, and when those food are present the stomach attempts to expel them. This type of nausea can be a signal that your foul breath is being caused by something that “isn’t settling right” in your stomach.

No one article can replace the knowledge of your doctor – so if your stomach or digestive problems persist, please speak about it with your doctor.

Knowing these stomach problems and their causes will help you fight against them and also help to eliminate your foul breath.