Diffuse Alopecia – What is Diffuse Alopecia and How Do You Treat It?


Hair loss is a problem experienced by a majority of youngsters these days. It is common to see men in their thirties going bald.

Alopecia areata is a condition which results in abnormal hair loss from the body and scalp. It could affect a small spot or a large area. It affects the young as well as the old, men as well as women. Hair loss from the body can be hidden but that from the scalp can be very embarrassing.

The hair either grows back or it doesn’t. Diffuse alopecia is a type of alopecia areata which affects more women than men. This disease results in hair loss as well as less density of hair. You see a mixture of dark and grey hair.

The three steps in hair growth are Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Hair grows in the first stage. It is dormant in the second stage. It falls in the third stage as the hair follicle rests. Then the cycle repeats.

But in Diffuse Alopceia the hair skips the second stage and so, hair falls in clumps. At the borders of the bald patch hair breaks at ends and resembles exclamation marks.

Diffuse Alopecia could be caused due to mental or physical trauma. Malnutrition, lack of vitamins or an incorrect diet could cause this disease. Medicines, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, sickness or operations are also responsible.

If you keep coloring, bleaching or curling your hair or if you are stressed, it could lead to this problem.

Diffuse Alopecia can be treated by a pill called Revalid which has a mixture of important proteins, vitamins and minerals.

This would help form Keratin, the substance hair is made of and help accelerate growth of thick, lustrous and shiny dark hair.