Different Types of Warts and Skin Growths and Their Best Natural Treatment

Warts can be of several forms, some painful like the Planter’s Wart, others causing very little or no discomfiture at all like the common or Flat wart while some again are positively distressing like the Genital Warts. Though they are mostly caused by human papilloma virus (HPV), warts are benign (non-carcinogenic) epidermal eruptions that often go away on their own.

Warts can affect any area of the body but they are mostly found on the hands, feet and the fingers. In fact they tend to appear in the moist warm places where they can grow in clusters or take the shape of cauliflower heads or simple pin heads having the color of normal skin. Kids generally pick up the infection (HPV) while using towels or napkins used by an infected person. Even walking barefoot on the bathmat or swimming pool diving areas that have come into contact with an HPV infected man or woman can cause an unwarranted infection whose immune system is weaker than the average.

The commonest of warts termed as the Common Wart occur as grayish-brown dome-shaped rough surfaced epidermal bumps on hands, elbows, knees as well as on fingers of both males and females, often taking the shape of cauliflower heads with blackish markings inside. They are innocent harmless little projections on the body that create no more problem than creating some amount of cosmetic crises.

Flat Warts on the other hand are flat-topped smooth skin bumps, as against the Common Wart’s roughish, cauliflower-looking sinister appearance. In most cases, they occur on the face but having Flat Warts on the arms, legs hands and knee in cluster formation is not uncommon too.

Now come the most painful of warts in the form of Planter’s Warts and heaven help the person who has got them on the soles of the feet. Even ambling on a smooth surfaced tarmac will give such a person the feeling of walking barefoot over sharp stone chips. In other words, it is a torture for the fellow to enjoy a simple promenade.

Filiform Warts are tiny finger-like flesh-colored warts often growing around the eyes or the mouth or nose. Though disagreeable in looks, they are completely harmless otherwise.

Of all the warts that the HPV creates for human discomfort, the Genital Warts are the worst type. Appearing indiscriminately on the penis, vulva or the anal region in both men and women these cauliflower-looking warts, when irritated can cause itching, burning including severe discomfort and distress, making sexual intercourse extremely painful.

Though warts usually do not require any medical treatment as they mostly go away on their own, certain forms of warts necessitate removal by using OTC medications that should be topically applied to the wart repeatedly till they disappear. Warts may also be removed by a surgeon with the help of an electrically overheated needle or ‘frozen to death’ with liquid nitrogen through Cryosurgery. For recalcitrant warts, laser therapy could possibly be the last word.

Genital warts needs to be removed due to their ability to spread, and to cause cervical cancer in women. Women may have genital warts without knowing, due to the anatomical nature of the female genital organs, and a medical examination by a doctor may be necessary to discover their presence. In males, the condylomas are easily observed, and may easily be eradicated.

There are however very good natural treatment options available for all types of warts, molluscs, skin tags and genital warts/condylomas. They are safe, efficient and easy to use, and do not cause any discomfort, skin irritation or irritation of the mucous membranes during treatment. They are special and specific blends of essential oils designed to inactivate the viruses involved, and removing the skin growths without leaving scars.

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