Different Types of Psoriasis and Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects the skin by leaving it thickly scaled, red- silvery colored, painful and itchy. It is caused by an inflammation in the skin cell by a default in the immune system causing new cells to grow rapidly and excessively in matter of days instead of weeks, accumulating with the old cells which normally will take weeks to shed off.

Psoriasis is mostly the inflammation of the white blood cell (also known as T cells). They grow faster and come up to the surface of the skin causing damage to the skin, nails and the joint. Primarily, psoriasis occurs in parts like; the elbow, knees, back, leg, feet and scalp. It is aggravated by stress, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. There are also claims that it can be generic.

Some medical practitioners classify psoriasis to be eczema while some don’t. There are several types of psoriasis:

1. Guttate psoriasis: – Characterized by multiple spotted psoriasis on the skin surface. Widely spread over body areas like; scalp and limb.

2. Pustular psoriasis: – this type of psoriasis comes with non infectious pus – bumps. It gives a red tender feel to the skin surrounding it. It can be found on the hands and feet and can have patches spread over the body.

3. Erythrodermic psoriasis:- this is a more painful disorder that is as a result of skin inflammation. It can be seen as it spreads over the entire body causing it to swell, itch and cause pain to the victim.

4. Flexural psoriasis: – is a disorder that occurs only on folded parts of the body. It is a shiny smooth dry patch on the skin. And they are commonly found on folded areas like; the groin, between the thighs and penis, in the arm pit etc.

5. Plague psoriasis: – this is the first and most commonly seen forms of psoriasis. It affects a large number of psoriasis patients. Plague psoriasis are inflamed skin that appears to be scaly and looks silvery-whitish.

Psoriasis Treatment

Though there hasn’t been any real treatment or cure for Guttate Psoriasis, sufferers have reported having great results with steriod creams.They are produced by medical experts to help soothe the itching, redness and scaling of guttate psoriasis. Most creams have proven to work effectively for many Psoriasis sufferers for quite some time now. The good news is that some companies offer free trial offers for you to sample before buying.

You’ll see visible signs of improvements in the 1st week of usage but unfortunately the free trial samples are mostly available only to sufferers in the US and in Canada. The last time i check the trial offer is for a limited time only, so you’ve got to hurry when you see one.