Differences Between a Yeast Infection and Diaper Rash

It is common to confuse a yeast infection with a diaper  rash , especially for a new parent. It is important to determine which type of baby  rash  your child has so that it can be treated properly. Both  rashes , if left untreated, can become very painful and chronic. Irritating skin  rashes  like these should be treated immediately so they do not get out of control and cause pain to your baby. There are differences in the appearance and causes of yeast infections and diaper  rash . Here are signs that you can look for when determining if your baby has either a yeast infection or a diaper  rash .

It is not unusual for a baby to develop an infection from yeast at some point in time. We naturally have yeast in our bodies that is found in the mouth, bowels, and skin and it grows in damp, warm places. This is why it is common for babies to develop this infection when they have a diaper  rash  or are wearing diapers. You may also notice that if your baby has thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth, they will also have a  rash  or a yeast infection on their bottom.

A yeast infection looks different from diaper  rash , which is how you can tell which type of baby  rash  they are suffering from. An infection from yeast will make the skin have a lot of little red bumps. Some of the bumps may have puss in them, and the skin will look somewhat scaly. It looks more like eczema than it does another type of skin  rash  that can make your skin red. If you are treating the  rash  and it does not clear up within two days, then it is most likely a yeast infection. The infection should be treated with a baby safe yeast infection cream.

A  rash  from a diaper will make the skin read but does not have little bumps that are puss filled. The  rash  will be very red and well defined. You can see the line where the skin is infected and where it is healthy. This type of  rash  will clear up within two days when it is being treated with diaper ointment. Organic products to treat either skin condition are important to use because they do not contain any synthetic ingredients or chemicals that could worsen the health of your baby’s skin. Unlike an infection from yeast, a diaper  rash  is caused from the skin being irritated from using the wrong type of product and wearing a diaper for long periods of time.

Once you can tell if your baby has either a yeast infection or diaper  rash , you can then properly treat the skin. Keep in mind that the appearance of the  rashes  will be different and the way they are treated is different.