Diets That Seem Appealing Are Not Always the Best Choice

There is nothing more tempting than seeing an advertisement on television for a quick diet that has proven results to slim you down in just a few days. The problem with those ads is that nine out of ten are not effective and in many cases some of them unfortunately are dangerous. Most of them are also good for losing around fie pounds very quickly, but that achievement is only short lived. The instant you are eating back to your normal habits again, you begin to gain those five pounds back and a few others in the discouraging process.

Some examples of these so called “wonder diets” are ones that encourage detoxification in unhealthy forms, ones that completely eliminate carbohydrates and ones that require you to essentially starve yourself. They may sound extreme to some folks, but you would be amazed at what lengths some men and women go to just to lose ten pounds in a hurry. The detoxification ones are fantastic for anyone that will be undergoing surgery soon to cleanse their bodies, or for those that are clinically obese and need to lose weight even before they are ideal candidates for a gastric bypass operation. For those that only need to five pounds this type of plan can be very dangerous. It can result in lack of energy which can led to fainting and feeling weak during the diet plan. Most of these types of diets are to followed closely with the approval of a medical professional and also to be accompanied with a diuretic of some form to help move nature along its course as well. If you are considering one of the detoxification plans, you must follow it as it instructs you to and if you feel weak or tired you must get off the plan immediately as you are most likely not an ideal person to be on this type of diet system.

The ones for reduction of carbohydrates are really comical to anyone that has any background in the health or fitness industry. You must have carbohydrates in your body to have energy and not just for engaging in exercise, for going to work and even playing with your children. Carbohydrates are imperative to any lifestyle, and there are endless forms that are healthy and good for you that can be eaten all day long without ever gaining one pound. Starving yourself should truly never be an option for anyone in any weight category. It is not only unrealistic as the instant you start consuming regular foods you will expand even quicker than you may have been in the first place, but it is also dangerous to your body. Starving yourself is not an option and you should elect to find a more effective dieting lifestyle that you can easily fit into your life. Make a list of foods that you enjoy eating and research diet plans that incorporate them in it. Get moving and be active a as much as much as you can to encourage your weight loss to reach your goal even faster.