Dieting in the Office

Those of us who work in an office often complain about a lack of activity and how difficult it can be to keep fit yet work at an office job. Whilst it is possible to use a small pedal machine kept under the desk, these do look a bit weird and can be a bit distracting for other employees. I have already covered the best ways to keep fit in an office environment, but what is an effective diet for an office?

Office workers are notorious for snacking, often having a secret stash of chocolate or a box of biscuits to share and the relaxed nature of the work makes eating convenient. Workers will often buy a large collection of bargain of snacks to ‘last them the week’, but, honestly, they rarely do.

Biscuits and chocolates are excellent for fulfilling a craving and staving off hunger until lunch; however they have one major flaw: they are moreish. One never seems to be enough and by the next time you look down at the box, you’re on your last one.

However, simply replacing a chocolate banana is a great way of snacking healthily, as well as providing you energy for the rest of the day. A good replacement for biscuits (and Maltesers) is a handful of grapes. Even with fruit, moderation is key; but getting your 5-a-day is a great way of improving your health quickly and naturally.

For lunches, try to avoid popping down to the nearest shop or jacket potato vendor – make sandwiches the night/morning before and plan your eating schedule for the day. This way you know exactly what is going into your food and can substitute unhealthy products as you see fit – I also find that home-made food simply tastes nicer.

For your drink, water is perfectly suitable – bottled water is an unnecessary luxury as it would be far easier and more cost-effective to simply bring in your water in a flask. I had previously worked in an office in Atlanta, which had fitted a water cooler especially for their employees. Diet drinks are good at satisfying hunger cravings; however this is only temporary and will not actually fill you up.

Other beneficial foods that you could snack on include eggs, tofu, berries, seeds and apples. You could also use an ab-toning belt or perform squats at work to help with your tummy and bum area.

Working in an office is generally a rather sedentary job, but with a good diet, sensible eating habits and a healthy bit of exercise before/after work, those pounds will fall off.