Dietary Recommendations For Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Tuberculosis and Acute Infection

The afore-mentioned diseases are very common and rampant diseases in this present world of today. So therefore, besides the medicinal aspect of their treatment, the dietary aspect is equally as important. What are patients to eat and not to eat in these clinical situations?

Should eat foods which influence the energetic and fat metabolism to prevent development of excessive weight. Low-caloric diet, low carbohydrate diet with high levels of protein and vitamins should be administered. Food boiled, baked or steamed should be recommended / Take 5 to 6 times daily with small portions. Eliminate from the diet sugar products. fried foods, cakes and sweets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.

Diabetes mellitus
Diets for the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, prevention of impairment of different types of metabolism: fat, protein and water, should be given. Strongly avoid fats and carbohydrates and give only low energetic value of food diets. Avoid sweets, cakes and honey. Boiled and naked foods without spices are good. Eliminate from the diet sugar products, fried foods, cakes and sweets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.

Diseases of the heart in the stage of compensation, rheumatic fever, high blood pressure
The aim of diet here should be to improve the function of cardiovascular system, kidney and liver functions. And hence such diets should have great limitation of fats, free fluid, salt, increasing potassium and magnesium. Fish, red meat, vegetables, average caloric carbohydrates, apples, bananas should be given. Boiled, steamed and baked food stuffs, peas, white rice, corn should be recommended 5 times daily.

Tuberculosis of the lungs and bones, anemia, children after infectious diseases, surgical treatment
The main aim of recommended diet here is to increase immune defense, resistance organism against infections. Should have very high caloric intake, increased proteins and minerals. Wide range of foods (Different types of foods 5 times daily) should be issued. Fish, rice, tubers, carrots, vegetables, red meat, potatoes, peas, beans, millet, wheat, grains etc.

Acute infectious diseases
The main aim of the recommended diet is to pass out endotoxins, to increase immune defense. Such food stuff should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Restriction of heavy fats and fatty meat is highly recommended. Food should be taken in a boiled form like a pure, in liquid and semi liquid form.

In the treatment of diseases, drugs alone does not count much. It needs to be supplemented by adjustment of lifestyle as well in which one of the main factors of this is specific or selected diet targeted on the recovery of also specific illnesses.