Diet For Acidity – Peptic Ulcer Patients – Doctor’s View

Since acidity and peptic ulcers are now a days a more common condition as the changing lifestyle of the people with more stress and workload, I have seen so many patients in my past few year’s experiences and want to share with all my opinion on what diet should be taken by these people. Here are the points to be noted.

Some Basic tips are “avoid period of starvation”, “Avoid all chilies”. Let we see all of them one by one.

1. Avoid Period of starvation:- Take small meals every 3 hours. Do not keep the stomach empty, also do not take heavy meals. Heavy meals too can cause trouble. There are two types of ulcers in such conditions like duodenal ulcer and peptic ulcer. It won’t be clear until you do endoscopy but better avoid Heavy meals and also starvation due the fact.

2. Avoid Tea & Coffee. Yes it is advised to avoid tea and coffee. The reason is clear as it increases the gastric acidity. So try to avoid them and never take on empty stomach. Please note that down as by doing this you are making your condition more worse.

3. Milk should be taken. Milk is always preferred. Cold milk is better than a hot milk. Add some nutritive in the diet like horlicks or anything else for taste as you have to take it for a long time.

4. What should be taken in Breakfast:- For breakfast you can get following items to eat like Bread or Toast with jam, cheese or butter, Cornflakes, Plain Khakra. IF you are from country like India then can take some milk and pohe or idli.

Avoid Hamburger and kind of deep fried & hot foods. You may take sweets, cakes.

5. Avoid all chilies: Avoid Chaat preparations.

6. For meals:

Vegetables and other preparations should be non-spicy. Take plenty of raw and boiled vegetables.

Take Rice with plain Dal or milk or Ghee.

You make take Jelly. Pudding or ice creams after meals.

7. Avoid Sour Fruits like citrus fruits, Grapes. Take sweet fruits, dry fruits.

These are the diets for normal peoples but if you have someone of yourself acute exacerbation of peptic ulcer then patient should take absolutely bland diet. Take plenty of cold milk, chocolate milk shakes, ice-cream and food without chilies like bread butter, Rice with plain Dal, boiled vegetables, sweet biscuits, sweet fruits, plain idili, etc till acute phase is controlled.