Diet and Anxiety

Do you know the relation between diet and anxiety treatment? The food you eat affects a lot on the function of your body and mind. Health diet can completely change your life. Food provides vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. You can prevent a lot of diseases with the help of nutritious food. In this article you will know about the role of diet in preventing anxiety and panic attacks. Some food items make you calm and others can increase the anxiety. A proper combination of diet and medication can completely change the life of a depression patient. It is a good idea to consult a dietician and a physician before you start something new. A dietician can easily plan a diet for an anxiety patient.

Drinking plenty of water will keep you away from depression and anxiety. Water prevents anxiety and panic attacks. Dehydration always provokes nervousness. Our brain works properly in presence of water. Many physicians recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Water washes out all the toxins and gives a refreshing feeling. It also maintains ph of the body. A person suffering from psychological disorders should avoid eating dairy products, sugar and processed food. These types of food items can increase acidity. It is a good idea to opt for alkaline food items. Alkaline diet is always calming. Alkaline food items contain fruits and vegetables. Replace a coffee and alcohol with water. Drinking coffee can cause nervousness and anxiety. Some people think that alcohol id helpful in treating psychological disorders. But alcohol has calming effect at first but later it can provoke symptoms related to anxiety.