Dictators in Blood Thirsty Campaigns Against Their Own People

As the world watches the situations in some Arab states, where the governments are in apparent wars against their own people, one wonders why and how this has come about. The countries where this is happening are dominated by religious forces that enforce strict control over worship and welfare rights that may be partly to blame. Overpopulation, job shortages, lack of correct civil policies and general hardship are only some of the problems the people face. But some western countries are also in the same state.

In recent times civil unrest and riots have hit countries like Greece, the United States, Spain and even Britain. In these locations it is money and general displeasure about the greed of a priority against the impoverished majority that is the trigger. In parts of Africa genocide stirred itself and hate from one section of the community against another has also risen up as just causes for riots and murder of citizens.

People are on the move as vast numbers flee impoverished, overcrowded and intolerable situations in an attempt to find a better life elsewhere. Many are paying smugglers huge sums of money to get onto leaky boats in the hope of reaching a friendly country to offer them sanctuary. Many of them drown at sea or find themselves in even worse situations in places where they join large queues waiting for acceptance into a better place. Others simply cross the border and live in tent cities waiting for deliverance, as they do now in Turkey after escaping from Syria.

Is there an answer to this mess? The powers that be are desperate to find a solution that will be of acceptance to all concerned but that has become as elusive as the safe haven that many seek and never find.

Humanity is out of control as far as breeding and need is concerned. Even while burying a child who died of hunger the mother is ready to give birth to the next one. This is the craziness of it all and we can look back to the beginning of religion for the cause. My research took me back to the Roman Empire and the way that one emperor, Constantine, established the Roman Catholic Church and put in place principles that have transported on through the parliament of the Vatican.

In a surprising shift a later cohort, Augustine Bea, manipulated the beginning of the Muslim religion to support what Constantine had set up. The places now in the most trouble are those dominated or following in the religions that put in place. We can not change the world and yet we can remove the gods that man has created but at least now we can understand why the world is coming to an end and who is responsible.