Diarrhea and Fever

Diarrhea is a condition or a disorder, which causes the discharge of frequent stool which is loose, liquid and soft; thereby the frequency is increased of a person’s excretion rate. Diarrhea takes place or happens to a person, when the intestine does not absorb much fluid or when the intestine creates excessive fluid. Having diarrhea and fever are the symptoms of having viral or bacterial stomach flu. Diarrhea and fever occurs when one feels or get abdominal pain and throws up or vomits frequently. Diarrhea gets cured within five to seven days. While having diarrhea and fever, causes the discharge of regular stool sometimes with blood or pus, in quantity which is usually small. If a person has fever of 102 F or more than that, usually lasting over 24 hours or even lasting for 48 hours after the onset of having diarrhea, then it is the symptom of bacterial infection, there might be extreme cases like fainting or shivering due to high fever. Having diarrhea and fever increases the chances of having dehydration, through the fluid loss increase, constant breathing for the cooling of one’s body and the interference of fluid and its replacements.

The cause of diarrhea are many the most common are lifestyle that a person leads, too many medicines and weak immune power whereby there is a reduction of fighting ability against infection and diseases. If not checked by a doctor, then it might lead to severe and serious problem and other hazardous illness. Condition of diarrhea and fever are older age, especially above the age of 60, drinking diary products which are not pasteurized and impure water, swimming in water which is contaminated, undergoing surgery of any kind especially in the abdominal region.

Taking antibiotics, and other medicine like ampicillin, amoxicillin, Dioxin Lithium Medicines to support an organ transplant Medicines used to treat cancer and radiation therapy. A person can prevent the occurrence of diarrhea by properly preparing and cooking food, watching what one is eating, and the intake of prescribed antibiotics, all these can prevent from having diarrhea and fever.

The other ways of preventing oneself from having diarrhea and fever, is by leading a hygienic life, especially by washing one’s hands quite often, as diarrhea and its virus spreads through unhealthy and unclean hands and other things. One should consume mineral water and avoid or reduce the intake of soda, bee and other alcoholic drinks.

One should not take in water from the tap and iced water too. While brushing teeth a person should use mineral or treated water, Boiled water must be consumed. Therefore by applying and introducing such habits which are healthy too, can prevent the occurrence of diarrhea and fever. Diarrhea is a condition that is cured by small treatments, but OTC or over-the-counter antibacterials, can be taken to cure diarrhea and fever, dehydration usually occurs along with diarrhea and fever, therefore a person has to increase the intake of fluids, water and electrolytes too. With all these diarrhea and fever can be prevented and cured.

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