Diaper Rash Home Remedy – 4 Steps That Work Every Time

All babies seem to experience some degree of diaper rash. The good news is

that it’s easy to treat using my simple diaper rash home remedy.

Before I discuss my diaper rash home remedy, lets first talk about ways to

prevent this type of rash in the first place. Most rashes are caused by extended

contact with the baby’s stool (bacteria) and urine (acid). So the best way to

prevent diaper rash is simple common sense — keep your baby’s little bottom

clean, dry, and change their diaper frequently.

Even with the best prevention practices, you’ll still see your fair share of

diaper rash. During these times, you could use commercial diaper rash product

or you could use my favorite diaper rash home remedy. This simple trick has

worked wonders for me. I’m sure it will work for you too!

First, when your baby is experiencing diaper rash, don’t use

wet wipes. Not even the ones that claim to be alcohol free. Just use warm water

to wet a paper towel. Clean the entire area (from belly button to mid thigh).

Second, dry your baby’s bottom using your hair dryer. I know

this sounds strange but your baby is sure to love it. Just make sure you set

the dryer to low heat and don’t get the dryer too close.

Third, wipe the infected areas with liquid Maalox. Maalox

was designed to naturalize the acid it your stomach so it makes sense that it

will naturalize the acid your baby’s stool and urine too.

Forth, before putting a new diaper on, sprinkle corn starch

all over the infected parts. I recommend putting the corn start in a large salt

or pepper shaker to make this easier.

Give it a shot… it worked for all three of my children and I’m confident

it will work for you too.

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