Diamond Fracture Filling

There are a number of different ways to improve the quality of a diamond. One of the most important techniques that is used is called fracture filling. This is a process that involves disguising blemishes from within a diamond. This is able to improve the light absorption rates and the reflective glows that emit from the stone.

I’ll be taking you through everything that you need to know about fracture filling, and why the fracture filling process is needed in order to improve the diamonds overall quality. I’ll also be taking you through what differences fracture filling can make on the price of a diamond.

The Clarity Of A Diamond

A lot of people don’t understand what the clarity of a diamond is. Some people think it refers to the overall quality of a diamond, and other think that it means the shape. The clarity is however judged by the level of flaws that are within the stone itself. There are two different characteristics that can cause imperfections within a diamond. These are blemishes and inclusions. A blemish is an issue with the surface of a diamond, such as a scratch or chip. An inclusion is an imperfection with the inside of a diamond, such as an air bubble or a scratch.

Fixing A Fracture

A lot of fractures can only be seen when the stone is under magnification. These can often produce colour flashes on the surface of a diamond, however it will depend on a number of different aspects, such as the light absorption rates. Air bubbles can also produce issues, most commonly a cloudy appearance.

The term enhanced is often used to describe a stone that has been treated. The word enhanced is simply used as it is more desirable. A treatment can both reduce and increase the overall value of a diamond, however this will depend on the other features that the stone possesses.

The most common method used to fix a fracture is to use drilling. There are two ways to drill a diamond for treatment. The first is to drill into the inclusion and then add a chemical that will fill in the cracks. This will then dry into a glass like substance and will increase the diamonds visual appeal.

Grading Fracture Filled Diamonds

There are a lot of different grades that are used when trading diamonds. The most valuable and rare diamond is known as a flawless diamond. This is a diamond that doesn’t have any imperfections, even when the diamond has been under magnification. At the lower end of the grading scale a diamond will have issues that are present, even when viewed with the naked eye.

Diamonds do not need to have a perfect flawless grade to be worth purchasing. A lot of issues can’t even be noticed with the naked eye, and therefore shouldn’t pose a problem. It is however important for diamonds that have been treated to be taken care of. A fractured diamond will be prone to problems during the cleaning process, and may need to have extra care taken over it.