Diabetics and Wounds


Most of the diabetics face problems in taking care of their wounds. The reason is that wounds of diabetics heal at a slower rate and they demand special care. If you are also facing certain problems in taking care of the wounds and injuries, read on.

The skin care is an important aspect in the everyday diabetes maintenance. If proper precautions are not taken care of, the minor injuries and cuts can turn into serious problem. Most of the time diabetics have a slower healing rate. The reason behind this is the reduced flow of blood to the affected area. Diabetics may also have some problem in noticing the injuries because of neuropathy.

Here are the guiding steps to follow for the care and prevention of wound for diabetics.

  1. The diabetics must apply on the infections which are not infected some antibiotic ointments to prevent the risk of infection. If still some symptoms of infection appear like pain, redness or inflammation. It would be better to seek the advice of the doctor.
  2. Ulcers and wounds must be cleaned daily with warm water and mild soap and afterwards covered with bandages and dressings. The wounds have the best healing speed when they are covered and moist. Furthermore the moist dressings reduce the pain of the patient.
  3. For serious and infected wounds, it is better to consult immediately the doctor. The skin infections in diabetics most of the time requires prescriptive ointments or oral medications that are specifically designed for diabetics.
  4. While taking care of the skin in routine the diabetics should refrain from using any instrument that harms the skin. Like corn removers or pumice stones and callus. As these products have the potential of damaging the delicate skin.
  5. Diabetics should keep their skin hydrated with the help of moisturizing lotions. This will prevent the skin from cracking which may lead to different infections.
  6. The diabetics should monitor the glucose sugar levels regularly. As better glucose control helps in healing the wounds.
  7. The more prevalent wounds in diabetics are wounds of feet. The diabetics should refrain from walking barefoot in order to prevent injuries. To support the healing of ulcers or wounds diabetics should try to lessen the pressure on the area around wound. If some diabetic is suffering from foot infection he should wear therapeutic socks and shoes specifically designed for diabetics.

Better care and attempts to prevent wounds helps the diabetics to stay away from diabetic complications. The diabetics must inspect their whole body especially feet regularly to check the symptoms of injuries and cuts and to treat the problems at the spot.