Diabetic Cure – The No Glucose, No Insulin Diabetic Cure


Diabetes is in no way an infectious disease, yet the growing trend in statistics manifests that diabetes is spreading out globally as if it is an infectious disease.

The next decade’s projection is that statistics will grow even bigger because those who are currently afflicted will be passing on the disease to their descendants as genetic deficiency. Diabetic cure if any is urgently needed to stop the increasing growth of these statistics.

The root causes have been previously established as mainly due to the inability of the insulin hormones to help in the absorption of glucose as a body nutrient. The pancreas works doubly hard to give out fresh supply of insulin as an automatic response to the rising blood sugar level.

However, the insulin hormones cannot keep up with the rate by which the pancreas produces and the resiliency by which the cells deflect the glucose substance. Diabetes type 1 takes place and finding a diabetic cure is surely a matter of urgency.

Social and environmental factors are now great contributors especially in the cases of children who have developed insulin-resistant cells due to improper diet and a sedentary lifestyle, leading to obesity.

However, majority of these children acquired their diabetes from at least one parent who was passed down with this affliction coming from several generations. Causes have been established but the diabetic cure remains elusive.

There are records however to prove that diabetes has been cured but not as a result of the $51 million worth of research granted to the American Diabetes Association.

The Proven Natural Diabetes Cure

As early as 1999, a 52-year old family doctor in Lawrence, Kansas, treated type 2 diabetic patients with an approach already popular during the depression era and with proven track record of success. The doctor’s patients didn’t stay sick with diabetes affliction.

The doctor’s first line of cure was by totally eliminating carbohydrates from her patient’s diet. In a general context, the doctor’s diabetic cure bordered on reversing all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. As one believer described it, it was only a matter of clearing out the refrigerator of all possible sources of glucose.

This may be an exaggeration but the point of the matter is that the pancreas is instigated to produce great amounts of insulin in response to the amounts of glucose present in the body.

This being the case, cells that are insulin resistant will not produce much significance in as much as there isn’t a great amount of glucose to contend with. A little infusion is all that will be needed to raise the blood sugar level to normal.

The good doctor’s treatment has not gained support from the American Diabetes Association despite the $51M research they have conducted since 2005. The treatment is so pure and simple, the diabetes sufferer who can’t seem to find the right diabetic cure, can consider this as a way of managing his diabetes with the help of his physician and/or dietitian.

Hence, if this natural diabetic cure works, you’re as good as cured.

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