Diabetes – Treating a Worldwide Pandemic with Hypnosis Therapy

The incidence of diabetes, once a rare and obscure disease, has skyrocketed in the last twenty years and now afflicts tens of millions of Americans. While at one time experts attributed this increase to the increasing age of the American population, doctors are discovering that the disease is afflicting more and more children and young adults. And it is increasing exponentially in the rest of the world as it continues to emulate the lifestyle of the US. Diagnoses of diabetes are expanding worldwide at the phenomenal rate of a 50% increase every decade. Ironically, most physicians today already have a very good idea of ​​those elements of the American lifestyle which create this epidemic. In a nutshell: refined sugars and carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle have been scientifically linked to this disease for years. In this article I will point out how these two factors lead to the disease. In the second I will describe some radical new methods that hypnotherapy can offer to help find the solution as an adjunct to medical treatment.

The facts of this disease are well known. In type One diabetes, often starting in youth, the body's immune system, for reasons no one understands, simply destroys the islets within the pancreas that produce insulin, the hormone that helps all body cells to take in the primary food for cell energy, sugar . In type Two diabetes, the insulin produced by the pancreas may be reduced, but this is compounded by the cells of the body developing a resistance to this insulin, unable to accept the sugar that each molecule of insulin is trying to deliver. In both cases the cells of the body are starved of energy. But the accumulation of sugar in the blood is usually the most dangerous effect of diabetes, and the definitive diagnostic indicator of the disease. This excess sugar thickens the blood, and thus slowly breaks down the entire circulatory system. Even when blood sugar is controlled with insulin, this breakdown of the circulatory system seems to be an inevitable consequence of the disease process. Some of the many results of this breakdown include erectile dysfunction, heart disease, and stroke, amputation of the extremities, kidney failure, and blindness.

In my previous analyses of various endemic diseases I explored how the function of a particular organ in a healthy body gives clues to the cause of an illness within that body part. We discovered for example that the epidemic of breast cancer is connected to the failure of modern society to support the role of nursing in a woman's life. The role of the pancreas is clearly about bringing sweetness into our bodies, helping us enjoy the energy of sugar. So we might guess that diabetes is a result of not enough sweetness in our lives. On the surface that analysis may seem counterintuitive, even wrong. After all, most people with diabetes are not short of sugar in their lives, indeed they are entirely too fond of sugary foods. In order to understand the real purpose of the Islets within the pancreas that produce insulin, we must examine the role of this critical organ in early human evolution:

Humans evolved as an upright walking ape at least three million years ago. As the world's first upright primate, we were designed to walk and run many hours every day on long foraging journeys, digging up roots, climbing fruit trees, fighting off saber-toothed tigers, and carrying children. Humans have lived on vast African savannas, dense northern forests, and even on the icy tundra of ice age Europe. But rarely have we as a species enjoyed the sedentary lifestyle of a lion or the comfortable grazing of a cow. The Islets of our pancreas were designed to give us that lasting and sustainable energy that makes us upright apes uniquely active. Through the power of insulin based sugar metabolism, a small amount of sweet food could be stretched out to last for days of chasing game on the ancient savannas, or keeping warm in an arctic storm. With the help of insulin, some of the sugar could be allowed into the cell walls, while the rest was stored in the liver for later use. It was a great system for primitive humans!

But things are different now with the lifestyle Americans practice and which we are exporting to an eager world. We are eating huge quantities of food, including large amounts of refined sugar and carbohydrates like white flour which were entirely unknown to our ancestors. And even as our minds can travel into the infinite and captivating universe of television and the internet, our bodies are sinking into a sedentary pile that is the veritable symbol of modern domestic bliss: the couch potato. So while our blood stream is filled with the fuel of activity, our muscles have become so lazy they are no longer able to eat it! And this sedentary life finally causes our pancreas to give up. Perhaps we can imagine the energy plant operator that is in the islets of our pancreas just throwing up its hands in despair with the cry "I can not manage this any more. I quit!" We can also imagine the bored cells of our body's organs and muscles looking at the rich sugary broth in which they float, and saying, "I do not care for any. I'm bored."

An interesting research result bears out my theory. Doctors have found that the children of primitive hunters and farmers from the third world, whose pancreases are especially tuned to survival in the lean hardworking lifestyle of that world, are more prone than the rest of us to diabetes, when they adopt a western lifestyle. It seems their pancreases need more time to adjust than those of the rest of modern Americans, whose ancestors have had over a century to adapt to these new conditions. Keep in mind however, that diabetes is a growing epidemic even in white society, as we descend deeper every year into a culture of conspicuous consumption and sedentary entertainments.

So, how does hypnosis therapy help us solve this increasingly dangerous epidemic? First let me make clear that hypnosis can not wave a magic wand to heal diabetes with some simple script or cute technique. Patients should continue to monitor their blood sugar and take their insulin according to their doctor's advice, until their blood sugar tests normal for days in a row without injecting insulin. This is the way some of my clients have conquered diabetes. Medical advice should continue to be sought out well into recovery. Avoiding most processed sugars should also be a lifelong goal of all diabetics in my opinion even after their symptoms are in remission. But with those provisos in mind there is much that hypnosis therapy can do to help these problems.

Part 2: The Treatments

In the first article in this series, I explored the rising epidemic of diabetes in our society, its terrible costs for our health, and some of its likely causes. In this article I will explore some of the ways hypnosis therapy can be used, in conjunction with appropriate medical treatment, to assist in healing this illness.

First we can enter the room of the pancreas and see what is there. What emotions have been stored there? What core beliefs from our childhoods tell us to give up this function? What traumatic memories are stored in this organ? Neither I nor my client can answer these questions. But with the help of a skilled hypnotherapist, the subconscious mind can give us these answers. I saw a young woman with type one diabetes, in which her body had destroyed her pancreatic islets. Entering her pancreas in hypnosis she discovered a memory of brutal abuse from her father against her mother. She begged him to stop abusing her mother, screaming at one point: "I'll give up all the sweetness in my life if only you'll stop hurting her." She then burst into tears. Minutes later I pointed out to her the enormous significance of this statement to her disease process.

Shocked at first, she was soon ready to change this core belief. To do this, I directed her to confront her father, rescue her mother, and angrily kick this monster out of her life. She then welcomed into her child's life a new inner father (who was in fact the new man her father had become when he entered AA and recovery!). His promise to her: "I will give you back all the sweetness that you deserve from a father, my dearest daughter." The results of this one session were immediate. Over the next week she reported a more balanced blood sugar and reduced need for insulin in spite of some difficult challenges in her work life.

Many other techniques can be used to explore the meaning of the illness. These are covered in detail in my article The Alchemy of Healing.
Somatic healing techniques can also be useful, after we have resolved some of these core beliefs and feelings. These are outlined in my article Somatic Healing. As one example, one client suffering diabetes experienced her inner healer, who was Jesus, operating on her pancreas islets, turning each islet from a bare rocky island to a beautiful tropical paradise with palm trees, flowers, brightly colored birds, and green grasses in abundance. For a week afterwards she tested her blood sugar levels without needing a shot of insulin. Then with her doctor's confused blessing she put away her needles and has been symptom free for five years. Yes, that's exciting. But she did a lot of other healings at my training first to prepare her body for this miracle.

Hypnosis therapy is also valuable in helping to change our sedentary lifestyle and lazy eating habits. Many hypnotic suggestion scripts can be used effectively to alter both our attitudes toward exercise and eating, and our practice of new behaviors in these critical areas of our lifestyle. I often suggest also working with a fitness trainer, coach, and nutritionist, reinforcing their advice with hypnotic suggestion to help my clients make these critical and often difficult changes.

In addition, I help my clients to discover their inner body wisdom guide. This guide is like a personal trainer that we find in the inner world that helps us focus on fitness. This body wisdom guide knows better than any external expert how this body should be cared for. With the help of the body wisdom guide we learn to enjoy the tastes of the fresh vegetables and fruits and grains and nuts that help our bodies become fit and strong. This guide can teach us the sheer pleasure of physical activity, to delight in running, jumping, panting, stretching, sweating, and, in short, playing with our bodies in sheer delight. This guide gives us practical exercises to help us reach our health goals. Result? If we listen to this guidance and follow it our bodies become leaner, more shapely, and stronger. Our cells start screaming for SUGAR PLEASE! And our pancreas is doing its job happily again. And suddenly we have all the energy we need. And did I mention … no more diabetes.

If you or someone you know is ready to stop just living with diabetes and accepting the terrible toll it will take on your health, if you are ready to conquer diabetes, tell your doctor you want hypnosis therapy as an adjunct to medical treatment. And call our Institute at 800 950 4984 to get started with your healing journey. But remember that this disease will not be conquered by some easy new technique or some new super pill. It will only give up its stranglehold on our lives, and our civilization, when we are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to fight for our health and our freedom.
Good luck!