Diabetes – Smoking Danger

Nicotine is a stimulant, speeding up the heart by about 20 beats per minute with every cigarette and reduces the body's ability to use insulin by 15 percent. It also raises blood pressure. Nicotine makes arteries all over the body become smaller making it harder for the heart to pump through the constricted arteries, causing the body to release it's stores of fat and cholesterol into the blood, therefore smoking decrees the circulation of blood through our body causing less oxygen to be delivered to our vital organs and tissues. This makes diabetics harder to manage heart disease at the same time causing it.

Because of poor circulation of blood in the body, the immune system slowly responds to allergens, bacteria and virus attacks, smoking diabetics are easier to get colds, the flu and sick more often. This poor circulation also increases the risk of impotence, that is a significant problem for men with diabetes even if they do not smoke.

Also, smoking blunts the ability to taste. Smokers choose foods with strong flavors, therefore smokers tend to eat less fruits and vegetables and more in fat and salt.

Since smoking causes fluctuation of insulin in the blood stream this increases blood pressure, and cholesterol and decreases the circulation of blood in our body. Smoking diabetics are at least 3 times at risk of developing heart disease than diabetics who do not smoke and they are much likely to die if they suffer a heart attack. Managing meal plans became very difficult for diabetics smokers. Therefore stop smoking is the benefit for a diabetic smoker's own good.

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