Diabetes Natural Treatments That Help Lower Blood Sugar


Diabetes is disease which has become very common these days. It is also known as diabetes mellitus. It is caused by accumulation of glucose or sugar in blood. Generally the carbohydrates we eat are converted in to glucose. The glucose is burnt down by a hormone called insulin secreted by our pancreas. The burnt glucose enters the body cells, supplying the body with energy. When this process does not take place properly, glucose builds up in the blood stream leading to diabetes. Diabetes is of three major types: Type 1 diabetes is caused due to insufficient supply of insulin, Type 2 diabetes is caused due to cells becoming insulin-resistant and Gestational diabetes attacks women during pregnancy. Diabetes is the long-term result of inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, over-eating, obesity, stress and anxiety, some disease of pancreas. Heredity is another factor leading to diabetes. Diabetes, if not timely arrested, may cause serious damage to heart, kidneys, liver, eyes and the nervous system.

Symptoms of Diabetes

1. Increased thirst
2. Increased hunger
3. Increased urination
4. Fatigue
5. Irritability
6. Exceptional weight loss
7. Slow wound healing
8. Intense itching round genitals
9. Nausea and vomiting

Natural Treatments

1. Consumption of garlic, ginger and onion can lower blood glucose.

2. Soya bean is rich in proteins, vitamins like retinol, minerals like calcium and iron. It is effective in fighting diabetes.

3. Bengal gram is beneficial for diabetics.

4. 10 leaves of holy basil, neem and bael may be consumed every morning in empty stomach to get relief from the symptoms of diabetes.

5. Bread made out of a mixture of powdered wheat, barley and gram is very useful for diabetics.

6. The juice of mango leaves boiled in water is an effective diabetes treatment.

7. Grape juice is good for treating this problem.

8. Indian gooseberry is also an effective cure for diabetes.

9. Almonds may be soaked in water overnight, and then taken early morning in empty stomach. This helps to cure diabetes.

10. Half cup juice of bitter gourd may be taken every morning to get relief from diabetes.

11. Fenugreek seeds, soaked overnight in a glass of water, and then taken in crushed form along with the water next morning are helpful in treating diabetes.

12. A diabetic should consume low calorie and low fat diet. The diet should also be rich in fiber.

13. Yogic asanas, morning and evening walk are very essential for a patient of diabetes.

14. Stress relaxation techniques, slow breathing, and meditation should be practiced.

15. Fasting and diet control methods should be adopted.