Diabetes – Keep A Log


There are many adjustments that you will make after you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The first adjustment will be your diet, since eating a healthy diet is the main factor in controlling blood sugar. It is important, however, to know how the food you eat affects your blood sugar.

Your doctor will most likely advise you to keep a log. Some diabetics only keep a log of their blood sugar tests, but you should keep a more detailed log. This log should be bought with you when you visit your doctor. He may want to make a copy of it for your records. The log will give him valuable information that will help him to treat your diabetes in a more efficient way.

Your log should record the time you tested your blood sugar, what the result was, the foods you eat and the time you eat them, and the physical activities that you participate in, as well as the time and duration. All of this information should also be dated. A one-day log will include information on your testing, your food, and your activities.

At first, it may be hard to remember to write everything down in your log – but it takes 21 days to make a habit, and if you do it for 21 days, you will find that if you do not write this information in , you will actually know that you are forgetting to do something.

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, you may even resent having to "record your life." Just realize that this log is in your best interest, and serves to help you manage your diabetes, so that you actually can live a "normal" life.

You can find numerous logs online, get one from your doctor, or create one yourself. If you keep a log on your computer, you still need a notebook in which to write things down – unless you carry and use your computer everywhere you go. Do not rely on your memory! Write it down as soon as it occurs.