Diabetes is a common disease in United States and of course in most of the other countries also. Diabetic prevalence has increased rapidly in half of this century and will continue rising among U.S. population. So it is very much important to create awareness in each and every citizen about the conditions that lead to diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where in human body does not produce or properly uses insulin, a hormone that is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Human body has to maintain the blood glucose level at a very narrow range, which is done with insulin and glucagon. There are three types of diabetes: Type1 diabetes, Type2 diabetes, Gestational diabetes.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes impede a person’s carefree life. When breakdown of glucose is stopped completely, body uses fat and protein for producing the energy. This results in excessive weight loss in a diabetic. Patients with diabetes are 4 times more likely to have coronary heart disease and stroke. In addition, Gestational diabetes is more dangerous for pregnant women and their fetus.

The control of diabetes highly depends on the patient; it is his/her responsibility to take care of diet, exercise and medication. Advances in diabetes research have led to better ways of controlling diabetes. One method is by taking insulin therapy and glucose testing that is, a regular check up of glucose levels. Better ways to manage mother and its fetus health during the gestational diabetes phase.

Prevention is better than cure. So it is our responsibility to see that we are not affected by diabetes, as diabetes in only controllable but not curable.