Diabetes is Your Show


Do you know the quote "All the world is a stage"? Shakespeare said that in the past and today this quote matches beautifully with diabetes. You have so many roles in this life. One of your roles could be as a person with diabetes. Just like the show, your role as a diabetes patient is not expected to be played alone. You have a large cast and crew. All of them are more than willing to help you. All you have to do is to ask for their help and know how to use them so that they can give their best to help you.

If your diabetes life is a show, then you have one important question to answer. Do you want your play to be a comedy or a tragedy? Because you hold all the major positions. In this show you play as the author, producer, director, and the star itself which make you hold a really huge responsibility.

Diabetes is not like many short-time illness where doctor knows everything that need to be done. Diabetes is your daily companion for life. You can not always depend to someone else, not even your mother, when dealing with this disease. You are the one who writes the script and the action. You decide whether you will take your drugs or exercise regularly. You determine whether you will follow the diet that will control your weight and the level of blood glucose in your body.

You are the producer in this show. It means you are the one who needs to gather the resources that you need to play the role properly. You are also the director who needs to direct your cast and crew to make your play come out the way you want it. It means you need to make sure that your physician, who can easily forget your specific needs since he or she is dealing with many patients each day, give you what you need are.

And finally, you are the star of the show. You can make anything happen if you will. You can learn all your lines (understand your disease) and speak them fluently (take your medications, follow your diet, and so on), or not.