Diabetes Complications & Cure

A diabetic person cannot make normal use of sugar, and so sugar builds up in the blood. The kidneys discharge some of the excess sugar in the urine. In severe cases of diabetes, fats and proteins cannot also be used normally.Whenever hypoglycaemia occurs, patient can have symptoms like palpitations, feeling shaky, sweating, tingling in the lips, going pale, heart pounding, rapid pulse rate, anxiety, confusion and irritability. These are just warning signs, however if we will not treat hypoglycaemia then patient can lead to coma and even death can occur.A major part of diabetes treatment involves the prevention of complications. Diabetes can cause serious damage to the cardiovascular system, eyes, and kidneys. The earlier the disease can be diagnosed the better because oftentimes the damage is occurring and the person is not even aware of it.When you have diabetes, knowing the signs of diabetes complications is crucial. The complications of diabetes vary from case to case as well as what type of diabetes you have. The following paragraphs will help you learn more about identifying diabetes complications.

Hypoglycaemia is characterized by blood sugar levels below 45mg/dl, however the level at which symptoms sets in varies from one diabetic to another. Poorly controlled diabetics tend to develop symptoms at a higher glucose levels while meticulously controlled diabetics have a lowering of symptomatic threshold and symptoms show only when blood sugar fall very low.The common causes are unpunctual or inadequate meals, unexpected or unusual exercise and ingestion of alcohol. Patients should be taught that if unusual exercise is anticipated the preceding dose of insulin should be reduced and extra carbohydrate ingested. All patients taking insulin should carry with them glucose tablets.

For chronic diseases like diabetes, it is a mistake to just rely on drugs alone. There is a absolute need for incorporating natural medicine into your diabetes treatment or prevention plan.We seem to have too much going on all the time to cook a proper meal or exercise. It’s easier to grab a coffee and donut for breakfast and a burger for lunch, then really load up on the carbs at dinner time.Managing your diabetes will help prevent additional complications, but once you have developed any of the other health complications that are inherent to those who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it is imperative that you get the proper care enabling you to manage not only your diabetes but the health consequences that you might develop as your disease progresses.

Stroke is another long term complication of diabetes which occurs when the blood supply to apart of your brain is interrupted or severely reduced and the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Within a few minutes to few hours, brain cells begin to die. The interruption can be from a clogged or blocked blood vessel (ischemic stroke) or from a leaking or ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke). Ischemic stroke is more common.