Diabetes – Complications Can Be Retarded and Reversed

Juvenile onset diabetes; used to be called as Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease that appears to be due to a defective gene that causes self destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This type of diabetes is most diagnosed in children, or young adults. It is also known to be Insulin Dependent diabetes; where Insulin must then be administered regularly to support life.

Adult onset diabetes, on the other hands, appears to be due to suppression or inhibition of normal pancreas production. Being over 55 years of age, overweight, lacking exercise, and consuming excessive amounts of refined sugar and dietary fat (more than 20% of daily calories) is the case, usually the administration of insulin is unnecessary but a pancreatic stimulant drug such as Metformin is often prescribed by physician to control the condition.

Insulin is a hormone that is needed to move blood sugar; also called Glucose into cells where it is stored and used later for energy. Insulin is necessary for conversion of the food into energy; without sufficient insulin, glucose accumulates in the bloodstream could cause complication of illness that increases the risk of Blindness, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure. Other complications, which may occur among diabetes sufferers, are Diabetes Foot Ulcerations and Diabetics Gangrene.

Diabetes Foot Ulcers usually happen in those who are middle aged and has suffered diabetes for more than 10 years! It is common and it occurs among 15% of the diabetes patients. The contribution factors include overweight, lack of exercise and unhygienic care of feet. Diabetic neuropathy, a common complication of Diabetes that causes the blood vessel walls to thicken and due to decreases blood flow to the leg and lower feet, it is damaging to the nerves of the leg that causes sensational pain; feet numb and unable to feel heat, cold, pressure, cuts or bruises. These conditions all becomes vulnerable that may caused gangrene.

Gangrene is a condition that involves the death and decay of tissue; it is treatable if the symptoms are recognized early. If it is not treated aggressively, causing the tissue to die then gangrene removal of dead tissue is usually treated by amputation of the affected limb; a traditional course of action.

There are many ways that could help in keeping the diabetes sufferers under check and also the first aid in retarding the complications that may cause. Hypertension is a known root cause for Heart Disease, Kidney Failure and Blindness. It is important for diabetics to have Hypertension checked; and prevent having high blood pressure!

For Adult onset diabetes, also called the Type 2 diabetes is vulnerable to anyone as one gets older. After going through five decades of luxuries in life that ends up totally unfit with Blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index at extreme high level. People who have been diagnosed and contracted with Type 2 diabetes is reversible! Obviously, it is needed to get their health back urgently by switching to the Healthy Life style and regain the control of their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol before complicated illness set in.

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