Diabetes At A Glance

Before knowing diabetes, we should have some ideas about insulin and blood glucose.

Insulin is a kind of hormone, secreted by pancreas; which helps reduce our blood glucose level. As soon as we have food, our blood glucose level increases and as our blood glucose level increases, our pancreas secretes this hormone ie insulin, which helps normalize and neutralize such high glucose level.

Blood glucose is one of the very essential body nutrients which is responsible for supply of energy and stamina for the proper functioning of the body cells. Blood stream carries the glucose to all our body cells, wherein it gets utilized; however, this glucose can not enter the cells without the insulin support. In other words, it can be said that insulin works as an aid in transportation of blood glucose to the cells.

So from the above, it can rightly be commented that insulin is a body hormone, which has got a two fold function – on the one hand, it works as a blood glucose neutralizer and on the other, it facilitates it's smooth carriage to the cells .

Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disease, which can be characterized by increased level of blood sugar / glucose, resulting from defects and anomalies in the process of insulin secretion by pancreas or by the incapacity of the cells to utilize insulin effectively.

Generally speaking, diabetes can broadly be categorized under two heads, ie type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is also famously known as insulin-dependent diabetes – the main cause of this kind of diabetes is an auto-immune reaction within the body, whereby our insulin producing cells are attacked by the defense mechanism of our body. People having this kind of diabetes produce very lesser amount of insulin or no insulin at all.

Type 2 diabetes is also famously known as non-insulin dependent diabetes – the main cause of this kind of diabetes can be said to be a rapid and steady decline of beta cells which facilitates the production of the blood sugar.

In present days, diabetes is one of the very common diseases which we are often very inclined to ignore, but the fact is that; diabetes is neither an insignificant disease nor does it ever cures; so ignorance in this regard can be described as nothing less than foolishness.

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous threats to human race and may cause various ill effects on human health. Diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure as well as nerve damage. Diabetes may also be responsible for blockage of arteries, leading to strokes and coronary heart diseases.

So whenever you are diagnosed with diabetes, never ignore it – follow your doctor's suggestions and prescriptions to avoid any further complications.