Diabetes and Obesity – Is There a Link?

Over half the population of the United States of America is obese or sufferers from the effects of being overweight. Without surprise, among this cross section of the populace there are greater instances of diabetes. Although it has not been pinpointed as to whether obesity causes diabetes or vice versa, it is common knowledge that where one is found so will be the other. It is because of this that the US is in the midst of a wide epidemic in incidences of this disease.

It is a fact that most cases of obesity result from irregular diets and inactivity. For that reason it means that obesity is a risk factor that can be reversed with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In turn it will have a considerable effect in decreasing the chances of getting or even managing diabetes.

The associations with not only diabetes and obesity but also other conditions that enter the arena such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and arthritis are impossible to ignore.

Studies have shown that those who incorporated a mere 30 minute walking session into their day can reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity by almost half. Yet, millions of Americans remain critically overweight and the cases of diabetes continue to rise.

The over consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates that are the staple of the American diet are clearly involved in this epidemic as is the predisposition towards inactivity. Americans spend a great number of free times in front of the TV or on the internet when they could be out participating in at least 30-45 minutes of vigor activity per day.

Obesity and diabetes- as well as the complications of obesity and diabetes- have overwhelmed the medical system. The negative impact of these diseases only antagonizes and complicates other medical conditions. Even the simplest of procedures from dental work all the way up to post operative healing become of greater concern as diabetic and overweight patients with hypertension are more likely to experience complications.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem; It's very much a health problem as well. If you are overweight, you are more likely to develop health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout (joint pain caused by excess uric acid), and gallbladder disease. Being overweight can also cause problems such as sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep) and osteoarthritis (wearing away of the joints). The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have health problems.

Non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes) is the most common type of diabetes. It is a major cause of early death, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and blindness. Overweight people are twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as people who are not overweight. You can reduce your risk of developing this type of diabetes by losing weight and by increasing your physical activity.

As we read the above information, it shows us that there is a very well developed link between obesity and diabetes. The two conditions together link you as the patient even closer to many more health problems