Diabetes and Achieving Calm

I know that stress can negatively affect diabetes. It means that our blood sugar levels become more difficult to predict and to control. Not only are there physiological and physical aspects of stress that make diabetes control difficult, it can also lead to emotional and mental blocks to living a healthy lifestyle.

Calm – A Proven Four Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry by Denise Marek offers strategies on how to stop worrying and achieve a greater sense of calm.

The first thing to note is that this book is not simply designed for women, though it uses examples that women might more readily understand. This book has techniques to reduce stress through eliminating worry that will benefit both men and women.

This book has really helped me in my diabetes management. Sometimes it seems like there is so much to deal with at once: work, family, and a chronic disease on top of that? This book offers techniques to approach life that make things make sense, and that gives helpful ways of thinking about the world.

Marek uses the word CALM as an acronym for “Challenge your assumptions,” “Act to control the controllable,” “Let go of the uncontrollable,” and “Master your mind.” The way she elaborates on each point gives tangible strategies to put into use.

One of the strategies that I found most helpful was when Marek explained the negative impacts of “What if” thinking. If I spend all of my time worrying about what will happen if, I will never be able to live a fully productive and empowered life in the present.

Marek also emphasizes how success works. She points out that nobody would ever be able to get everything done even if they had more than 24 hours in day. Success is actually knowing what to leave undone, and learning to make decisions that support you.

Although I have never before recommended a book to my readers, I think that it is important for people with diabetes to read Marek’s book. It is an uplifting book that will change your outlook on life for the better.