Dettol Antiseptic

Dettol is the name of the brand which is an antiseptic liquid disinfectant manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser and is one of the most popular hygiene products in the world. This antiseptic liquid is light yellow in color and turns milky white when dissolved in water. People generally buy dettol from any store which sells hygiene products as dettol products in form of soap, hand-wash, dettol liquid, dettol antiseptic liquid and dettol hand sanitizer.

Dettol acquires its antiseptic properties from an aromatic chemical compound known as chloroxylenol which is also present in all the dettol products but in varying quantities. The maximum concentration of this chemical compound is present in the dettol antiseptic liquid which also contains other ingredients like pine oil, castor oil and caramel many of which are insoluble in water. It is due to this reason that when a few drops of the dettol antiseptic liquid are added to water they form a white emulsion instead of dissolving completely. Another reason as to why people buy dettol is that not only are all the dettol products non-toxic in nature but are comparatively cheaper than most of their counterparts.

As hygiene products, dettol products can be broadly classified into two broad categories namely the products meant for home and the products meant for the family. While the first category include the dettol hand-wash, the liquid and the hand sanitizer, the second category includes dettol products which contribute towards one’s personal hygiene and first aid like the dettol soap and the dettol antiseptic liquid. The dettol hand-wash can be purchased in five fragrances namely moisture, nourish, refresh, soothe and cleanse and after being used it leaves the hands soft, moisturized and free from bacteria thereby making it ideal for being used in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms. The dettol liquid is a safe and effective concentrated antiseptic disinfectant which is ideal for being used in addition to one’s detergent while washing one’s laundry. This is due to the fact that it not only kills germs but can also be used as a disinfectant around the house.

Dettol is one of the world’s largest suppliers of hygiene products and hence featuring dettol products is in accordance with its reputation, image and philosophy. Individuals who wish to buy dettol products from outlets would find the dettol foam hand sanitizer along with a dispenser, a refill cartridge and a chrome hand sanitizing station.