Detection Of The Heart Attack After Recognizing Its Symptoms

If you get help during the first hour from the heart attack known as the golden hour you have great chances of recovery, people are often embarressed to go to the emergency room and see that everything is all right with them. Digestive disturbances and less serious conditions may suggest heart attack symptoms. Women may present different and atypical pain for example between the shoulder blades heart attacks vary from person to and situation to situation, a great mistake would be to delay presenting to the doctor and seeking treatment.

It is very important to receive the treatment as soon as possible because this really is a question of life and death. The precursor of the heart attack is the pain called angina.

Angina Pectoris

This pain known as angina pectoris is distinct, is described as a suffocating, strangulating pain more intense than pleurisy, indigestion, appears after physical effort, during stress, in emotional situations, the patient becomes suddenly anxious and afraid of death. When the heart beats faster its oxygen and nutritional needs are higher and the heart muscle suffers of those deficiency so then appears this pain called angina. This pain radiates in the arm, the left shoulder, neck, jaw and throat and occasionally on the right side.

Angina attacks lasts 15 minutes, if it takes long you should have a check up in the hospital, it may be a heart attack, if the angina doesn’t stop at administrating nitroglycerin or other nitrate and after rest and calm. Most victims of the heart attack are men, those suffering of angina pectoris have a sudden death and usually by heart attack.

Angina is considered by some doctors a gift made by God to the humans , because mortality is very high in heart diseases and people don’t know anything about their state of health and the health of their heart, so if you suffer from heart pain, particularly angina is a blessing. This way you may start a treatment and know when to stop, if you are receptive to your heart pain.

This way you may prevent a sudden death which is quite common in the heart diseases, because angina is an exclamation sign there is something wrong and you may seek a proper medical treatment and identify you risk factors which may cause you the heart attack.

Often heart attack is slowly with mild pain and the person in cause doesn’t understand what’s happening, on the other hand the heart attack might be intense and movie-like. If you announce the ambulance you’ll receive the best care against heart attack and in the shortest time. You should’t be driving by yourself unless you have no other option.

Cardiac enzymes may be determined later in the intensive care unit and urgent care setting so they confirm or infirm the suspicions of heart attack. So if you address as quickly as possible to a medical emergency or service you have greater chances of receiving the corresponding treatment.