Detailed Understanding Of Surgical Operations

Family planning is something that every married couple dreams of, and is normally associated with an immeasurable and unexplainable joy. However, unplanned pregnancy is exactly contrary to the planning phase. There are a good number of things that a woman looks out for during the stage of unwanted pregnancy. However, the most common solution that strikes the mind of a woman is Abortion. Abortion is basically a process that terminates the pregnancy in a healthy manner and includes medical abortion as well as surgical abortion. Further in this article, I have discussed in-detail information of surgical operations.


There are mainly five types of surgical abortion that include aspiration, dilation and evacuation, dilation and curettage, dilation and extraction, and induction abortion. These surgical options are considered to be outpatient procedures and require a time period from a few hours to an overnight stay at the Abortion Clinic.

Time Frame

The type of operation performed for abortion mainly depends on the state of pregnancy of a woman. The suction aspiration is suitable for first 6 – 12 gestation weeks, dilation and curettage for 12-15 weeks, dilation and evacuation for 15-21 weeks, dilation and extraction for 21-23 weeks and induction abortions for a period of more than 23 weeks.


The surgical operations at Abortion Clinics are mainly performed with the help of vacuum device and a shaped instrument known as curette or a syringe. In the suction aspiration surgery, the canola (tube connected with the suction device) helps in outwards suction of the fetus as well as placenta from uterus. The procedure is same for dilation and curettage, but curette is mainly used for scraping the lining, placenta and fetus out of the uterus.

The dilation and evacuation process is considered to be a combination of suction aspiration, and the dilation and curettage procedures. It mainly includes usage of forceps for removing the larger parts of fetus and the lining of the uterus. The induction abortion is mainly done by inserting a medicine, which can be potassium chloride or salt water, for aborting the unwanted pregnancy. In the dilation and extraction process, the cervix of the women is dilated and all the contents of the women are removed with the help of a forceps.


The medical symptoms of surgical abortion mainly include a good number of side effects like cramping, sweating, nausea and regular feeling of faintness. Women may experience regular bleeding, blood clots and even infection. Women may also face some severe symptoms, mainly depending upon the type of operation performed. Some of severe symptoms include damage to the cervix and perforation of uterus.

Final Considerations

Having an abortion does not affect the future pregnancy of a woman and can be done legally depending upon the age and the health of the mother. Though Abortion Clinics deals in abortion, but you must understand that it is illegal in the eyes of law. Though it was legal during the early times, now it has been abolished by the law. Therefore, you ought to be carefully and think twice before getting the child aborted, as the joy of pregnancy is not in the luck of every woman.