Design Your Custom Rugby Head Gear

Rugby is the sports that was originated at Rugby School Warwickshire. During the 19th century, it had become a very popular game worldwide. Generally, there are two types: Rugby Union and Rugby League. In 1987, first rugby world cup match was held. It is a physical game in which team players play with a lot of strength and stamina. Rugby kit is an important part of this game. It includes Shorts, T-shirts, boots, base layers and trousers. These are traditionally designed and printed for all the team players. Every sports game which involves physical efforts like running, ball throwing, kicking, pushing, etc. increase chances of physical injuries to the body parts that may also lead to severe conditions like swelling, dislocation of the body joints, cramps, strain, wound, bone fracture, Spinal cord and brain injuries.  In order to avoid these cases, it is very important to wear protective gears while playing games. For the body parts protection, there are many gears like Rugby Headgear, Shoulder Pads, Mitts, Forearm and Bicep Guards, Junior and Senior Mouth Guards, Head Guards, Body protection Pads etc. These are designed in such a way that they not only give you comfortable fitting but also protect your body parts from physical injuries. The outer covering is manufactured with the durable and solid stuff that give protection to your head. The Inner part is made with the quality  fabric and it is provided with the pads that will give you complete comfort while wearing. The laces are provided on the front side that can be tied as per your comfort. The quality fabric will act as good absorbent that will let you sweat free playing. The manufacturing companies also provide an opportunity to choose your own choice colors, prints and designs. On the basis of these, the head gears are categorized into: Custom or club head gear and V2 Headgear design. In the Custom or club head gear, the players can select the designing pattern, base color, lace and trim colors. The same facilities are also available with V2 headgear designer pieces. In this way, you can choose your comfort and style in the safeguards. For the customized articles, you have to book your order first. Once the order get ready, it will be quickly delivered to your place. For the last 10 years, Impact Rugby is one of the wider distributor and dealer of Rugby  Sports items and protective gears. We have a wide range products. All of our sports items are designed and manufactured with the top quality products that features flexibility, comfortability, and durability. You can also have customized designed articles. Our latest product range includes lace packs, lightning bolt and Aussie Camo Pink Head guard. For fast home delivery, you can book your order online. Our package shipping services are available all over in Australia. For any query about production and manufacturing, you can contact us at + 61 7 3040 0524.