Dermoid Cysts

What is a dermoid cyst? Maybe you did not hear about this type of cyst before, but actually is very common for women age between 20 and 40. Also it can not only appear on fabrics, but also on the face, neck or skin.

A dermoid cyst looks like a teratoma, a kind of tumor with tissue and organ. It can develop hair, can have all kinds of organs growing inside including a teeth (for example you can get develop inside the tissue bones, fat, thyroid glands, nails, sebum glands, etc.).

The good news regarding this type of ovarian cyst is that that is not cancerous in most of the cases. Actually, it is only in one or two percent of dermoid cysts cases and usually for women over 40 years old. The bad news is that it can hurt and you may want to use surgery for removing it. However, you can be fertile and give birth to a child even if you choose to keep them.

The main symptoms of dermoid cysts on ovaries are abdominal pain and pelvic pain. In time they can grow bigger and they can create you very bad pain, infection, rupture and cancer. The best thing you can do is to surgical remove them. The two types of surgery: normal surgery and laparoscopy.

Most of the persons think that there is no danger having dermoid cysts, including ovarian dermoid cysts and they do not go to the doctor to check them if they are malign or not. As I said earlier, there is a small chance that they are and you should better prevent than say sorry.