Dermoid Cysts on Ovaries – Dangerous If Left Untreated!


Did you go to the doctors today and she says you do indeed have an ovarian cyst, actually one of this nasty dermoid cysts on ovaries! Did she say it may have come from the stress of not working, or too much work and your lousy diet and that heredity plays its part as well. Life really sucks! So, what can you do about it besides freaking out, and being worried about it all the time?

Luckily having a dermoid cyst on ovaries is not a life, and death situation. The nasty part about this kind of cysts is that they belong into the more complicated category, for this reason, also called complex cysts. A complex cyst contains fluid, and solid material. In the case of dermoid cysts, they are made of a lot of weird stuff such as hair, teeth, and different tissues. This kind of cyst develops from the germ cell that would form a foetus when fertilized. For this reason, you find all these bizarre things in them.

How would it be for you to know that there is a natural way to treat this kind of cysts so you won’t have to think about surgery that is a quite frightening anyway. Imagine that there are things that you can do from home, that don’t cost you a fortune, and help to to be pain free again. How good would this be?

Just keep on reading word for word, and you’ll find out soon enough what has helped thousand of women to cure their ovarian cysts completely naturally.

As a dermoid cyst is considered to be an abnormal cyst, this kind of cyst is also tested for cancer because it contains solid material that can be cancerous. The doctor will know through the sonogram image that you’ve got a dermoid cyst. Then she takes your blood to test for pregnancy, hormone imbalance, and a tumor marker called C-125 that shows if the cyst is cancer. If the test is positive for cancer, I would always want a second opinion as the test for C-125 can be false positive, that means it is not very reliable.

Doctors usually recommend surgery of dermoid cysts on ovaries when they don’t go away after several menstrual cycles, the cyst/s grow larger, or look strange on the ultrasound. Unfortunately dermoid cysts are oftentimes affecting both ovaries, they come in pairs.

Other complications with this kind of cysts are rupture, and twisting; that often asks for emergency surgery.

Don’t decide on ovarian cyst removal in a haste. Try out different things before such as losing weight, changing your diet, taking high potency supplements, exercise, and learn relaxation techniques. Natural, holistic ways to recovery is the way to go first!