Depression- What is it?

Depression means having constant feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Someone who is depressed is said to experience the following symptoms: loss of interest in social activities, a dramatic change in his/her appetite, leading to conspicuous weight gain or weight loss, sleeping  much more or much less than normal, or  having difficulty getting to sleep or waking up, having difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly, feeling abnormally tired throughout the day, having feelings of worthlessness, guilt, hopelessness that things won’t improve, having suicide thought.

Types of depression

 1) Clinical depression

 2) Dysthymia or Chronic Depression.

 3) Seasonal Affective Disorder

 4) Bipolar Depression

 5) Postparturm Depression

 Overcoming depression

The first step to overcoming depression is to consult a therapist who will diagnose the type of depression you are suffering from.No one should be ashamed of being depressed, it is an ailment that we all experience at differents stages of our lives. Depression is the most treatable emotional problem, you can overcome depression medically and naturally.

 Overcoming depression Medically

One of the common ways of treating depression is the administration of drugs. There are different types of antidepressants drugs for anxiety and depression that a therapist will prescribed to someone suffering from depression. They are:

  • kSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)
  • Serotonin- Inhibitors (SNRIs)Norepinephrine Reuptake
  • Noradrenergic and Specific Serotonergic Antidepressants (NASSAs)
  • Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline) Reuptake Inhibitors (NRIs)
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)

All antidepressants are prescription drugs, you cannot buy them over the counter. Select the medications that will work for you with the help of your therapist.

 Overcoming depression naturally

You could try and help yourself overcome depression naturally. Here are 4 ways to overcome depression naturally.

Exercise: It has been discovered that exercise is helpful in many ways. It releases endorphins that make one feels good and help one overcome depression.

Diet and Vitamins: Eating the right carbohydrates and making sure your diet is rich in omega 3, 6 fatty acids, vitamins B3, B6, B12 and Zinc make your nervous system, as well as your body in general remains healthy.

 Join a self help group: Joining a self help groups can be helpful to someone suffering from depression because this gives the person the opportunity of talking and sharing his problems with the people who are ready to help.

 Meditation: Meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragm deep breathing, listening to relaxing music can put you in good mood.