Depression Treatment With a Natural Touch


For depression, natural help has been considered by many patients and it has proven to be just as effective, and even more effective in some cases, than the more traditional method of antidepressants. Of course, the key to natural treatment is understanding the underlying causes of depression and making overall lifestyle adjustments which can help to control symptoms.

Depression is a neurological disorder which results in feelings of worthlessness, negative thoughts, excess irritability and changes in sleep and diet patterns which can disrupt a patient's life. Depression generally stems from a breakdown of neurological transmissions and the goal of naturally damaging depression is to restore those transmissions without subjecting the patient to harmful side effects.

In most cases, the breakdown of neurological transmissions is due to a lack of serotonin. Since serotonin is responsible for controlling emotional wellness as well as establishing good sleep patterns and managing energy levels, appetite and sex drive, it is imperative that proper serotonin levels are maintained at all times. This is why, when it comes to depression natural help can be so very important, as it can result in keeping the proper balance of neurotransmitters.

In terms of naturally damaging depression, there are several herbs which can have a positive effect on emotional state. Among these is St. John John's Wort, which has been used for centuries to balance mood and maintain a sense of well being. St. John's Wort has proved particularly effective at controlling moods during the premenstrual and menstrual periods.

Passion flower has also been recognized as one of the more effective herbs for soothing nerves and calming emotions. In treating depression natural help which includes these kinds of herbs can be invaluable, particularly for those patients who are concerned about using traditional antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals which can carry a host of potentially serious side effects, not to mention carrying the very real possibility of becoming addictive.

Not only are natural herbal remedies not addictive, they are so gentle on the system they can even be safely used by children. Of course, when it comes to naturally treating depression any medicine or herbal remedy should only be incorporated as part of an overall treatment plan which includes various lifestyle changes. Getting a proper diet, plenty of exercise, fresh air and sun exposure and proper sleep are all equally important in maintaining emotional balance.

There are many foods which contain high levels of serotonin and these can be an important part of any effective treatment plan. When it comes to depression natural help can include eating foods like turkey, bananas and carbohydrates which are rich in serotonin and cutting down on stress with relaxation techniques.

Depression can take hold without warning but you do not have to let it control you. Make healthy lifestyle choices and use safe, gentle all-natural herbal remedies and you can get your mind back on the right track in no time. Depression does not have to equal medication, you can treat symptoms gently with the natural touch.