Depression: The Most Effective Treatment

When we read about effective treatments for a common psychological and medical condition like depression, we are always tempted to expect reviews and discussions of different prescription medications. Antidepressants and other depression related drugs are currently among the most prescribed drugs. This implies that despite the increasing affluence, comfort and better living standards seen today in the developed world, many people are still not happy with their lives. Moreover, considering the fact that the increasing reliance on medication and other medical procedures have not reduced the prevalence of chronic depression in the population; it is safe to assert that there are better and more effective ways of treating depression. This article intends to look at one of such effective treatment for depression.

For a better appreciation of the depression treatment that will be discussed in this article, it is important to look at the causes of depression in most people. Most people erroneously believe that depression is mainly caused by a fault with the nervous system, a traumatic or sad event that happens in one’s life. Though some cases of depression result from chemical imbalances in the body or problems with the nervous and coordination system of the body; in most cases, this belief is not correct.

It is extraordinary to note that depression, in most people, is as a result of conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind. The past events and experiences of our lives, which are presumed forgotten, are usually stored in the unconscious mind. When memories from this part of the mind begin to take over an individual’s consciousness, it creates a kind of fog over the mind, causing the confusion and anxiety that characterizes depression. Psychologists have come to realize that the unconscious mind have a great impact on an individual’s quality of life. This is one of the reasons why depression is a very difficult condition to diagnose. It does not present with physical signs or symptoms because the condition does not affect the physical body.

From the above, it is only reasonable to suggest that the best and most effective treatment for depression should begin with the mind. Within every person suffering from depression, is the ability and resources effectively to treat the condition. Unfortunately, the medical and pharmaceutical have taught us otherwise.

For a start, creating a positive attitude is the most effective prevention and treatment for depression. A sense of humor, optimism and a positive attitude can break through the worst cases of depression. Humor releases substances into the blood that relax the body and mind. Whereas a positive and optimistic attitude creates a clear mind devoid of unnecessary worries and anxieties. This makes it easy to differentiate between the present and what is being imported from the past.

It is also important to take note of every thought that crosses the mind. This requires a bit of mental and conscious effort, especially at the outset. However, it will be worth the stress. Taking stock of every thought that comes to mind enables you to thrash out necessary mental assignments and discard irrelevant thoughts instead of allowing them to clog the mind, causing anxiety, unnecessary worry and then depression.

Of course, there are cases of depression that results from chemical or hormonal imbalance in the body; there are also cases of chronic depression that no amount of positive attitude can cure. Notwithstanding that, the mind is still the most effective treatment for depression. Creating a positive and optimistic attitude, learning to free the mind of unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts, living for the moment, without worrying about today or yesterday, regular exercise and a healthy diet constitute the most effective depression treatment you can find anywhere.