Depression Signals – 9 Signs to Show What if You Are in Depression State

As seen from daily news, you may find suicide news happened almost everyday which most of them causing from personal depression. Moreover, this seems to be increasingly happened to anyone within this recent trouble world.

Depression is a black hole and dark state which is the emotion stage that everyone never has expected to be emerged. Depression signs may consist of feeling rather flat, tired and unmotivated which can happen to anyone from time to time due to some unexpected event occurred to your life. The emotion like depression can badly affect the ability to function appropriately which negatively distribute through almost every aspect of your activities.

Generally a person with depression will not be able to participate in social activities or hobbies that they once enjoy. Such feelings can show ups-and-downs within their life which can happen suddenly after any loss or bad happening that strongly effect through their feeling.

Are you in doubt about what if you or your family members are in the depression stages? Here we have 9 obvious signs which can basically predict that you or anyone in these certain following reactions can possibly be depressed.

1. Difficulty thinking and concentrating,

2. Difficulty making decisions,

3. Fatigue or loss of energy,

4. Feeling physically slow, agitated, or restless to the degree that others begin to notice,

5. Physical complaints such as headaches, joint pains and stomach aches,

6. Low self-esteem, feeling worthless or excessively guilty,

7. Low libido or diminished interest in sex,

8. Suicidal thoughts, or continuous thoughts of death and self-harm,

9. Show up with some Depressed Sentences such as …

…”I feel sad all the time and just don’t feel like myself.” …

…”Sometimes I feel like my life is not worth living anymore.”…

…”Even after a long day, I still feel restless.” or

…”I just feel so worthless.”, etc.