Depression Natural Treatment – Natural Cure For Depression

It can seem overwhelming when you are looking for a depression natural treatment that will work. There are hundreds of supplements and remedies which are being marketed as natural depression treatments but despite the claims being made, by the major of the companies selling these products their results need to be analyzed. There are nonetheless some that are effective and safe natural depression treatments. So what is the best way of finding out which ones are worthwhile and which ones you might as well throw in the bin before you use them? It is important to judge a potential natural depression treatment according to a few key considerations.

1. Does the natural treatment for depression contain an ingredient or ingredients which have been proven to relieve depression by clinical research that has been carried out?

2. Are the ingredients in the treatment provided in their proper and proven dosages?

3. In terms of herbal extracts and other remedies which can vary in terms of potency, does the treatment use ingredients that are standardized to contain a sufficient and consistent amount of the active constituents?

4. Is it a high or low quality product?

5. Finally is the product manufactured according to acceptable quality control standards and does it use pure, potent or premium quality ingredients?

The worth of natural depression treatments should be looking at are those that have been proven to treat depression in well designed clinical studies. credible scientific research.

One treatment that has strong evidence to support that is good as a natural way of treating depression is St John's Wort extract. There have been over 20 controlled clinical trials of it which shows that it effectively relieves depression. In fact studies show that it works just as well as prescription antidepressants such as Paxil and Prozac and also has fewer side effects than them. So with this in mind, people should consider St John's Wort as their first choice for treating depression naturally.

Another depression natural treatment that is available is SAM-e which is also backed by scientific evidence. Although the research carried out is not as strong as that for St John's Wort, what has been carried out is promising nonetheless. It also suggests that SAM-e offers certain advantages over both St John's Wort and prescription antidepressants. The only disadvantage to this depression natural treatment is the cost since costing more than $ 100 or more per month, this is the most expensive of natural depression treatments which are available.