Depression Isn’t So Uncommon – Changing the Stigma NOW

In the ever-changing, fast-paced world we live in, it is no wonder that the numbers on depression are rising significantly. We think we’re trudging along and getting by just fine, even if we’re feeling that weight pulling us down, we seem to just get through it and somehow are catapulted into another set of circumstances that are out of our control. All of this adds up.

If you’re a mom and you grew up thinking you had to do it all. If you’re a single dad and you think you need to prove yourself. If you’re so independent that you’ve held yourself to a standard not many could handle then you’re leaving yourself open to this thing we call depression. There isn’t one person I know that isn’t all of these things and more.

When I was growing up the word “depression” had this very hard, weird connotation associated with it. When it was brought up in certain circles it was whispered about. It was this hush-hush conversation. The sad part of this next sentence is that this may be the thing you thought of too. I’m here only to tell you that together we can change this stigma. We can change the way someone feels about having depression and about the people we love that suffer from this.

I jumped into this world of learning about depression after seeing most of my clients deal with it in one form or another. I also took care of my ex-husband who suffered a massive stroke, who couldn’t see the good in the dark places he found himself in. I love these people as if they were a part of me. I have always loved and felt too much for every being on this earth. I wouldn’t give you advice on something that I hadn’t seen or walked through myself.

Depression is normal. Depression is completely normal. Who says that?? I do and with good reason. I have met the kindest, most generous, beautiful souls you could ever know. All of which were dealing with depression. I just want to be real about this. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of. There is no hush-hush sideways conversation that needs to happen here.

There are many ways you can “lift” your energy to not feel like a ton of bricks, even in a moment. If you’re in a job where you’re not happy then try to figure out where your passion lies. I mention this first because we need to live and to live we need to work but if your work is draining you and robbing you mentally and otherwise, please know it’s never too late to be who you always were meant to be. I don’t care how old you are, or young you are. WHATEVER you want in this life YOU can do, YOU CAN have.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you laughed so hard your belly hurt?? Did you ever twirl around, while looking up at the sky and fell down and it made your heart smile? It made you silly, it made you light. That’s where I’m getting at. This is the place we need to find in our lives as adults.

We’re all made of energy and the lighter we can get that energy and keep that energy the better off we feel. The better our lives are mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m not suggesting to stop taking prescribed medications if you happen to be on them, or stop whatever you are doing to battle depression currently. I want to supplement these with some energy lifting exercises. What’s more these “exercises” won’t cost you a gym membership and you won’t sweat even for a minute.

Do you remember the first time you kissed your spouse or partner? You had these butterflies giving you wings. You felt that goose-bumpy feeling, right?? So, say you’re in a difficult situation no matter where you are – get to that place. See it in your mind’s eye and let your body physically get goosebumps. That energy will go through you like a bolt of lightning. It won’t make your boss less of a hassle but it will make you feel supported by something bigger than that moment.

Did you ever hold a kaleidoscope in your hands? You hold it one way, and you get to see the most beautiful colors and shapes that make you feel whimsy somehow. Handling a bad day, or difficult people can be the same way! It’s all perspective. If I’m getting a result I don’t like, I’m going to think about seeing it in another capacity so I’m not feeling that heavy, dark energy that drains me.

When you get up in the morning plan out your day in your mind. We all work our bodies out to keep them healthy but we don’t think of doing the same with our minds. If you take a few minutes in the morning to play a movie in your mind about the way you want your day to go, you’ll be amazed at the results. You are setting yourself up for the greatest day. When you play this “movie” in your mind taste the coffee you sip, smell the smells that you see in this movie, taste the richness of the coffee. The more you can be there with your senses in this moment the more real it will feel. This energy-starting tip could set your day full of happy coincidences.

The bathroom trick… When we find ourselves breaking to go to the restroom we always wash our hands and look in the mirror to fix our hair, check our teeth, make sure our clothes look alright. In these moments there is not one person I know that doesn’t pick themselves apart in some way. THIS has got to stop. SO, the next time you find yourself in front of a mirror look for something beautiful. Whatever you look for you will find. So, look for the good, always look for the good. Make yourself feel beautiful in that moment. There is always at least one thing we all love about ourselves, look at that and let that zingy, goose-bumpy feeling happen, and take the catwalk out of the bathroom and enjoy the rest of your day!

I have worked for well over ten years with helping clients through this and walking the plank myself. I wouldn’t advise you on something I didn’t experience personally. I am here to tell you that depression is your life’s way of telling you that you deserve better than what you’ve been accepting in this life. You deserve the WORLD. Nothing in this life is impossible. I am sending you love, I send you strength, I send you the grace to overcome anything in your path.