Depression in Teens


Depression can generate in any age of the person, but the most critical age in which it can not be recognized easily is teenage. It is a period of life when hormonal changes occur very rapidly due to which their behavior variants and the basic reason is that due to the hidden symptoms of depression in teens, their parents and teachers fail to understand their problem and take their gloominess non-seriously and their depression remains untreated.

Teens are not mature enough and they are unaware of the symptoms. Sometimes they can not realize that they are passing through an episode of depression. Some of the most common symptoms and reasons of depression in teens are,

  • Low attendance in school or college
  • Declination in academic progress
  • No attention on lectures in the classes
  • Null decision power
  • No interest in extra-curricular and social activities
  • Escape from friends and family
  • State ofactivity and stagnation
  • Expecting rejection or failure
  • Guilt and low self-esteem
  • Bad attitude with siblings
  • Use of alcoholic substances
  • Crush on someone and no response from that person
  • Excessive TV. Watching
  • Disturbed diet routine and sleeping patterns
  • To gain attention from elders, complaining about several physical pains which are not relieved even after the treatment
  • Short-temperedness, irritability and anger
  • Thoughts of committing suicide and self-injury
  • Sadness, tearfulness and crying very often
  • Thinking and talking about leaving home and running away

Doctors typically do not recommend anti-depression drugs for teens.

Rather than spending life in a non-living attitude, live it up and enjoy it! Life is not to be ruined by over-depressing yourself for such self-created issues. Come on, fight against the issues, nothing is impossible to achieve in this world that's why we say 'when there is a will, there is a way!'

Depression, rather than an ailment, is just a weakness that does not need any medicine or treatment initially until and unless you give it a form of illness. If you try you can stop depression from harming your mind and soul and suddenly you can get rid of it.

Our teens are the assets of our generation and my message to all teenagers is that, never live in the fear of falling as the life is the world of fantasies and it is like a beautiful garden where we sit and only pluck the flowers and make beautiful bunches of them for our pleasure. But, we should never forget that there are some thorns which exist with flowers and may hurt us while plucking the flowers. Be brave and face every reality of life. God help those who help themselves.